Escaping Mount Gram - ROC Minimum Purchase Deck

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Win - Escape from Mount Gram - Easy - 1 Player - 2023-03-05
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Wandering the Wastes of Eriador - ROC Minimum Purchase Deck 2 1 2 3.0
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Race Across the Ettenmoors - ROC Minimum Purchase Deck 1 0 0 6.0
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kattattack22 765

kattattack22 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Race Across the Ettenmoors - ROC Minimum Purchase Deck

Focused on Leadership because the plan is to have Halbarad as the starting hero in Escape from Mount Gram.

This deck is built for the Angmar Awakened campaign using only a revised Core Set and cards from the Angmar Awakened hero expansion. Given the limited card pool, I'm also playing the campaign using Easy mode and the Grace of the Valar variant.

The deck worked in Easy mode, but it is not optimized. I would really recommend taking out Beorn, Gléowine, and Valiant Sacrifice. Ranger Summons and Favor of the Valar would be good to sub in. Normally Ranger Summons isn't great true solo but I think it would work here. There is good reason to delay on Stage 2 and build up as much as possible before getting to Stage 3. I only had a few encounter cards left in the deck once I advanced.


Steward of Gondor goes on Halbarad because the deck is Leadership heavy. Denethor still gets the all Unexpected Courages. This so he can possibly defend twice or more importantly to manipulate the encounter deck. This is key to advancing to Stage 3 only once you are ready. Henamarth Riversong also works if Denethor is the last hero to be rescued. Sneak Attack Gandalf should lower theeat each time. Campaign mode will raise threat faster as side quests are completed and limit how much a player can stall.

Also important for not losing unique cardss in later scenarios, you don't have to rescue every copy from the Captured Deck if a copy is already in play. Gandalf could be the trickiest one to make sure to win with in play, but Faramir, CelebrĂ­an's Stone, and Henamarth Riversong can easily get into play if you play smart and quest slowly. Often 1, 2, or 3 willpower will do. You may even not send anyone to the quest.