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RCO - Revised Content Only

"Peace and freedom, do you say? The North would have known them little but for us...But when dark things come from the houseless hills, or creep from sunless woods, they fly from us." - Aragorn, The Fellowship of the Ring

This deck is an updated iteration of my "Lonely Men Are We" Angmar deck (which can be viewed here: https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/37443/lonelymenarewe-multiplayerrco-1.0), adapted to take advantage of the Dream-Chaser player cards and to handle the challenges of the Dream-Chaser campaign. It can be constructed using only the Revised Core, Angmar Awakens Heroes Expansion, Dream-Chaser Heroes Expansion, the Defenders of Gondor starter deck, and by pulling A Very Good Tale from the Dwarves of Durin starter. It is designed to be played across the table from a questing deck.

Key Updates:

Amarthiúl takes the place of Beregond. This would have been my preferred build for Angmar had not Amarthiul been needed as an objective ally for several quests. His ability to easily gain access to helps the balance of the deck significantly.

New allies - Déorwine, Marksman of Lórien, Veteran of Osgiliath, and Errand-rider all make appearances here.

New attachments - Armored Destrier is incredible and Raiment of War has the flexibility to go on Aragorn or any of the warrior allies.

Heroes -

Aragorn - He's the main attacker and leader (essentially giving a +1 buff for each attack you make). Once he's got a weapon and Unexpected Courage (from across the table), he can drag multiple enemies out of staging and dispatch them with ease. This is especially powerful once you have some attacking allies out, as you can avoid the attacks of higher engagement enemies by leaving them in staging until Scorpagorn is ready to drag them down. Once your board is set up, he can facilitate engaging even a Corsair Warship (with boarding 3) and immediately send it to the depths, along with all three of the newly-engaged Corsairs. So much fun!

Halbarad - The ability to optionally engage more than one enemy is a huge key to keeping the questing deck safe, and his bonus 2 without exhausting never hurts (ship enemies tend to stick around for longer during sailing quests anyway). He can also defend in a pinch (and can hold the second Armored Destrier and/or a Sword of Númenor).

Amarthiul - Slotting in for Beregond (see above), "Marty" gives us a hero lineup capable of swinging for 8 on round 1 (before counting Aragorn's drop). He can take the first Armored Destrier to give him multiple defenses or Raiment of War if the horse is slow to appear. As if that's not enough, he can give himself a promotion to Captain of Gondor for extra power when you optionally engage an enemy (which you will).

Allies -

Most of the allies are either stout defenders (Déorwine, Guardian of Arnor) or heavy hitters (Marksman of Lórien). Angbor the Fearless and Ranger of Cardolan can contribute to questing (although the latter is mainly included for his clutch "sneak attack" ability), but combat is the name of the game here. Veteran of Osgiliath becomes a steal once threat climbs into the 40s (which it often does). Honour Guard is always useful, and his valour action can be used to save a hero (or a ship!) in a pinch. Dúnedain Hunter is clutch in sailing quests, since pulling a ship out of the deck completely bypasses the boarding keyword (nothing like just dodging 2-3 extra enemies). Faramir just continues to be one of the best in the game at boosting mid- to late-game questing and can really give the questing deck a pick-me-up for big pushes.

Attachments -

The weapons and armor are self-explanatory (don't forget that Raiment of War can trigger Foe-hammer). Cram provides an inexpensive form of emergency readying and Favor of the Valar provides tech against quests that ramp up your threat. Heir of Valandil is nice, but not strictly necessary.

Events -

Most of the events are self-explanatory, but don't forget that Gandalf and Ranger of Cardolan ready during the refresh phase and can then be exhausted for A Very Good Tale before they leave play (hopefully replacing themselves with two allies with a combined cost of up to 9!). I also have had some truly epic moments with Descendants of Kings readying up to four characters at once for emergency defending and/or a devastating attack (especially potent for quests with ship enemies that bring Corsairs with them). As mentioned above, it is quite satisfying to watch Aragorn drag down a Corsair Warship w/three corsairs, then play Descendants of Kings to wreak havoc. When it's humming, this deck can absolutely tear through enemies.

General Strategy -

You should be looking for ways to draw more cards in your opening hand (Gandalf or a weapon + Foe-hammer, or even Gather Information). In addition, an early defensive solution (Feint or Ranger of Cardolan is never a bad thing. Threat can sometimes be an issue (especially if you don't draw Gandalf), but you can sideboard in Secret Vigil for a little extra insurance if needed.

Concluding Thoughts -

When paired with an able questing deck, the Dunedain are so much fun to pilot. As mentioned above, they can absolutely slice their way through even the largest enemies, allowing for some truly epic moments against ships as well as corsairs. Give it a try and say goodbye to fleeing from nasty ship enemies; you are the hunter now :).