Elves, Eagles, and Ents, oh my!

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ilazul 104

This is the multiplayer combat deck we use for nightmare / gencon scenarios.

It's another scorpi-gorn deck with Faramir and Mablung.

Fairly self-explanatory, play large amounts of allies and engage as many enemies as possible. Uses A Very Good Tale to play even more allies, aiming for Legolas and Treebeard.

Gwaihir and Orophin will get back binned elves and eagles. Works really well with Vassal of the Windlord. RĂºmil (sadly must be played from hand, get back with Orophin if you happen to discard it to A Very Good Tale) will usually destroy an enemy as he enters play.

2 copies of Steed of the North go on Aragorn to use his ability up to 3 times in a single combat phase. With multiple Support of the Eagles he can usually destroy anything by himself.

Sneak Attack Gandalf to lower threat or draw cards before you have Legolas in play.

Gather Information is really just your third Sword that was Broken.

Derndingle Warrior + Honour Guard combo for defense.


Hirgon is there for scenarios where Aragorn is a quest character and cannot be used. Side out Sword that was Broken for other toys like Gondorian Shield.

Gondorian Shield comes in for scenarios that require more defense. The extra allies and Secret Vigil are for when you are playing with a White Council deck (uses hero Gandalf) and still need threat control. Landroval is there for scenarios that have an almost guaranteed hero death.