Mono-Leadership: Introductory Deck

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widowmaker 136

Built this deck to play in a four player game for people who haven't yet played the game. Theory is that I wanted to build four decks that epitomised the strengths and roles of each sphere, while ensuring they were playable with a little bit of resource acceleration and card draw in each deck.

  • Disclaimer: I found this deck by far the most difficult deck to build. Being a bunch of resource generation, card draw and general shenanigans didn't leave a lot of space to build the archetypical leadership deck. I really need some feedback on this one

Apr 22, 2016 Authraw 3050

When I think of a basic Leadership deck, what I think of is ally-mustering. If it were me, I'd build a deck with at least half allies, and then a bunch of things to help you get them into play fast like A Very Good Tale. I'd go with Boromir as the star hero here instead of Prince Imrahil. You'd have to swap Boromir out of the Tactics deck, of course, but it doesn't look like you're too committed to using him there anyway.

I'd drop the signals (in favor of focusing on ally swarms) and Sword-thain (which is kind of a nuanced card to use right). I don't think you actualy have any way to play Ranger Summons in this deck either, since you don't have a Dunedain hero.

Apr 23, 2016 widowmaker 136

Yeah I thought about running Boromir but I felt that he was more archetypical in the Tactics deck which kinda torpedoed the whole Gondor swarm thing. Also, no Aragorn either limits usage of Sword that was Broken. Again, it was more about making sure each sphere got the "feel" right; I wasn't interested in making a deck that abused Boromir's ability, though as long as I put in a few more Sentinel characters, I could quite easily swap him out for Legolas or Brand son of Bain and the deck would still function perfectly well.

Good pickup on Ranger Summons though, you are 100% correct. For a time I was considering running Halbarad but that obviously didn't eventuate.

Unfortunately, what I found in building this deck specifically for the 4p arena was that there was so many cool "tricks" that existed in with the Signals and the resource generation as well as blanket card draw in Campfire Tales it made it difficult to meet the 20+ Ally minimum.

I'll be playtesting this this afternoon so hopefully it's not too boring to play. Which is all I'm worried about really, it doesn't have to be tight/janky for a new player; just as long as they feel like they have stuff ot do other than dropping attachments on other players.

Apr 23, 2016 widowmaker 136

@Authraw You were right about Sword-thain as well, while it was cool (came out on Faramir :) ) it wasn't really very cost effective. Dropped it for another Gandalf and ditched the Ranger Summons for 3 Veteran of Osgiliath's which did good work.

Solid leadership allies are few and far between...

Other than that, coupled with the other decks (especially the deck) Prince Imrahil readied every single turn, so he gets to stay.

Apr 23, 2016 Mr. Underhill 2539

For a mono leadership deck, how about Balin, Dain Ironfoot and Thorin Oakenshield? I've found that to be a decent deck for teaching players the game as it exposes them to a lot of card synergies. I noticed your other decks have a few dwarves scattered through them as well.

Sep 27, 2019 old_toby 7

I agree with Mr Underhill. I think a Purple Dwarf deck full of allies would showcase Leadership better, as well as having more of a flavor to it.