Armies of Dol Amroth

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Beorn 7365

Ever since Strength of Arms was released, I've been intrigued by mono-Leadership decks built around mustering an ally army and taking advantage of powerful global effects. This is a relatively straight forward take on a mono-Leadership Outlands deck with a few new cards to improve its consistency. It takes advantage of the efficiency of Lord of Morthond and Rod of the Steward - some of the better card draw effects in Leadership - to maintain a steady stream of Outlands allies.

The one new twist here is the inclusion of Prince of Dol Amroth to transform Prince Imrahil into an amazing general. Giving Imrahil the Outlands trait makes Prince of Dol Amroth very powerful, even in the early game. While you won't often see the extra resources from his title until later in the game, getting the willpower bonus from your Ethir Swordsman and the attack bonus from you Knights of the Swan makes Imrahil incredibly powerful. The fact that he has a built-in readying ability which is relatively easy to trigger makes these stats boosts that much more valuable.

While the Leadership version of Prince Imrahil might not at first seem like the best fit for Outlands, there are a few options in this deck for allow for his response. Squire of the Citadel has obvious synergy and is critical to help defend you during the first few rounds as your army is gathering. Likewise Envoy of Pelargir is an inexpensive option that can also be used to chump block. Sneak Attack is included for Gandalf (or Faramir, in a pinch) and has a nice bonus of providing readying for Imrahil. Though it can work as a solo deck, this was designed for multiplayer. In that environment, other players should provide plenty of opportunities to ready the general of your armies.


Nov 18, 2016 Wolves 27

Absolutely love your builds, and this is no exception! Mono leadership is just an intriguing concept because considering its solo-nature, it is one of the most allround spheres. Unfortunately, it takes a bit of puzzling to get it right, cause despite the allround capabilities, it's hard to specialise.

I love the concept of this deck though, Prince of Dol Amroth is such a potent card and Leadership Denethor is a personal favourite of mine, even though I don't even own him... I'm currently trying to build a deck with him and Leadership boromir that just doesn't want to fall into place...

As usual with Leadership though, initial questing is difficult, so mulligan for Ethir Swordsman may not be a bad idea if you need to get that willpower going...

keep up the good work! Your decks have inspired me to build many decks already :)

Nov 18, 2016 Beorn 7365

Thanks, @Wolves, that is mighty kind of you to say. I too have been trying to build a Gondor design around Leadership Denethor and Leadership Boromir, but I have yet to settle on a build that I like. My hope is that Knight of the White Tower is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Nov 18, 2016 Wolves 27

Haha, yeah he's in there too, but I really just want to put Raiment of War on him and be done with it... The easiest way out is using Mablung probably, which also opens up Gondorian shield for all heroes... But still... perfection is still far away :D

Nov 18, 2016 D4rkWolf10 374

@Wolves, @Beorn, my brother has seen some pretty decent success with a Leadership/Tactics Gondor deck featuring Boromir, Beregond, and Prince Imrahil in tandem with Gondor Ranger deck I play that features Denethor, Damrod, and Aragorn. The main pieces are of course a bunch of cheap Gondor allies that get a combat bonus from Boromir and a questing bonus Visionary Leadership. So far it works pretty well in multiplayer but I don't know his full listing. I'll talk to him about posting it!

Nov 18, 2016 Wolves 27

I can imagine D4rkWolf, it sounds potent. I love Damrod and his traps, it's just a shame that you cannot trap multiple targets per round and that many enemies have become immune to player cards :(

But yeah, Boromir with Visionary Leadership is nearly a given certainty... he's Gondor's Dain and with his Dad having his back it feels so natural to create a deck with them together...

Unfortunately, the only thing that really anoys me is that all leadership gondor non-unique allies (save Knight of the White Tower) are really weak statwise... instead of being mediocre by themselves such as dwarves and becoming awesome through Dain, Buffed up Boromir gives +1 will and attack to a bunch of weaklings, making them mediocre at best... :( Not until Faramir ally boosts that will power again and, if you play with Aragorn and his Broken Sword another +1 do they become awesome, which kinda ruins the fun for me a bit. I'm almost forced to play leadership Denethor and Boromir with either tactics (for which my first choise would be Mablung) or Lore (using Aragorn and his sword) since both Tactics and Lore bring a variety of strong gondor allies into play. Nevertheless, I wish I could go mono-leadership for this one.

A bit of a compromise would be to use Amarthiúl to get access to that wonderful tactics sphere, but it just feels thematically wrong :(

Nov 18, 2016 D4rkWolf10 374

Mono Leadership Gondor is definitely harder to pull off. I have as yet to find a successful listing that I'm comfortable with. I have a Leadership/Spirit listing on here called Gondor As It Should Have Been that's a mixture of Dunedain signals and some Gondor allies featuring Aragorn, Arwen Undómiel, and Denethor as its heroes, which in initial testing has proved to be fun. It's more about turning Aragorn into a monster via signals and some of his tools like Sword that was Broken to buff up your allies, and is also my first deck featuring Knight of the White Tower, which is has really nice stats but the drawback of needing to have all its cost paid from one hero's pool. Denethor helps out a lot with that, and it's quite fun to quest very strongly with allies without Visionary Leadership in the deck. It also seems pretty good for solo play, which is not something I typically design my decks around (my brother and I play together mostly).

Nov 24, 2016 Gizlivadi 782

A bit late to the party, but as a lover of Mono Leadership Gondor I have to say I have pretty good results with my list. It's not a top tier deck but its most definitely better than other archetypes like Rohan in the current metagame. And while most of the weenies are pretty small, with stuff like Very Good Tale and Herald of Anorien playing a bunch of them is really easy, and when even your Errand Riders are questing for 2 or 3, that's amazing. I'll admit that one of its big weaknesses was not having tank allies, but Veteran of Osgiliath and Knight of the White Tower solved this issue. And its final weakness IMO, card draw, was largely solved with Rod of the Steward. Honestly I think Gondor is at a great spot right now and I only play true solo against mostly modern quests.

Jun 14, 2018 SoonTsoo 1

Hi mate,

I usualy never post anything but i had to make an exception with you: i absolutely LOVE your deck. I'm a huge fan of mono leadership decks (and Prince Imrahil is probably one of my fav heroes). I've built a Denethor-Imrahil-Kahliel quite efficient with the Harad trait.

Have to say that "Prince of Dol Amroth" in your deck makes Imrahil the most powerful hero of the game.

Jun 14, 2018 Beorn 7365

Thanks @SoonTsoo, I’m glad that you like the deck. Prince Imrahil is also a favorite of mine, and it is amusing to see how powerful he becomes in this deck.

Aug 09, 2018 Benedikt 203

This Deck is still fun to play!