The Eagles Comeback Album

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After years spent wasting away atop the Misty Mountains with psychodelic drugs and loose women, the Eagles are ready for their comeback.


When Mablung was released, Eagles went through a bit of a resurgence. Sadly, that resurgence was short-lived, because even with Mablung on board, getting tickets to the Eagles is expensive.

Thanks to a few specific pieces that we've received since the Angmar Awakened cycle debuted (most notably Amarthiúl and Proud Hunters), it's time for the Eagles to return to the stage.

And the best part? There is no Steward of Gondor in this deck. It doesn't need it. Seriously. That means that this deck is about as multiplayer-friendly as you can get.


If you start me up I'll never stop:

  • There is enough redundancy in this deck that you don't really need to mulligan for a specific card.
  • In general, you want to see Eagles and some sort of resource acceleration in your opening hand. My preference would be Sword of Númenor, so that I have something with which to trigger Foe-hammer.
  • A first round Gondorian Shield is gravy.

Money (It's what I want):

  • Amarthiúl provides access to the cards, without hampering your resource generation. Keep an enemy engaged with you, so that you have three resource pools to draw from. If you're feeling lucky, keep two enemies engaged for the bonus resource.
  • Mablung is your money belt. Dúnedain Hunter, Aragorn, Wait no Longer, and (situationally) Follow Me! all trigger Mablung's ability. As a bonus, these cards are all triggered in different phases, so you can stack them up to trigger Mablung repeatedly within a single round.
  • Swords of Númenor and Proud Hunters let you profit from killing things.
  • Tighten Our Belts is a fallback option; if you don't need it, use it on a friend!

Draw, draw, drawing. Na na na na na:

Oh let me be your sledgehammer:


  • Some quests don't play nicely with Wait no Longer. If required, swap them out for Behind Strong Walls.
  • This deck gets rich; and I mean filthy rich. In multiplayer games, you might consider swapping in Errand-rider to give your friends a boost.


This is a blast to play. For best results, pair with decks that quest heavily and offer you card draw.