Quickbeam, dual wielding Rings and a moving forest.

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Durins_Father 1362

With early access to the last pack of the Haradrim Cycle, The Crossings of the Poros, I decided to make a Quickbeam Ent deck with my physical cards. After many iterations, the deck looks like this at the moment and works best for me. Note that I usually build true solo decks that can always be used in case I join a few others for a quest.

The sideboard adds Farmer Maggot to the deck, which lets you use The Dam Bursts, in case you need readying. But I found the event a bit costly since you can ready your Ents with Boomed and Trumpeted when they get damaged. Maggot is the Unique Hobbit to trigger the event, though you can add a Hobbit hero to the deck instead of Glorfindel.

Treebeard was another interesting choice. His ally version is far superior in a deck with a lot of Ent allies, but the theme of Treebeard Hero alongside Quickbeam is also strong. Still, if you include both heroes, your threat gets high up there considering both need the healing abilities of Elrond. And since I usually keep my decks around 30 starting threat, I opted for the ally Treebeard.

Glorfindel got added for his low threat, high gain. Though I have added Merry to the sideboard in case people get tired of Sporfindel (I know I do). The access to is quite nice, since Elrond's Counsel will supply you with threat reduction, Arwen Undómiel gets you more and a Sentinel Keyword on somebody. With Vilya attached to Elrond, you get enough resources to play the Spirit cards. But the remaining resources on Glorfindel can be used with the cards and after playing Songs on him (or play A Good Harvest) he can contribute to the paying of Ents.

Elrond is usually a staple hero when Ents are concerned, his healing boost allows Wellinghall Preserver, Warden of Healing, Lembas and others to heal more. He can also pay for both and Ents (and even Arwen) to get the allies out faster than usual. Vilya really shines in the deck alongside another Magic Ring that Elrond can wield. The new Ring is a very powerful card and can be used to trigger Vilya for the cost of a single point of threat. It's like playing an event: Doomed 1, play the top card of your deck. The ring can also help to get more resources on Elrond, or provide carddraw in case your Entmoot had no attendee's. A Burning Brand is also meant for him, since he can take a few defences befor he needs healing himself. Get him geared up with Ent Draught and Self Preservation to make a good defender out of him. The brand is also meant for a giggle in this Tree deck. Master of the Forge can start to dig for the two rings, and can also find some Healing attachments for Quickbeam.

Between the healing and the readying, you'll find that Quickbeam usually does two things per round, dealing him 2 damage to ready him isn't a high cost if you can manage to heal him consistantly. Getting Ent Draught on him should be a priority. He can then take 2 readies a round, and heal it off with a single Lembas (which readies him again!). Do note that Quickbeam's action is limited once per phase. So his standard 4 can only be used once or twice a round (depending on the amount of Lembas he eats, do ents even eat Lembas? Oh nevermind).

The allies are the Ents we know and love, getting them on the table with Vilya at the end of the Combat phase is nice, since they will quickly ready. Honour Guards will limit the amount of damage taken by attacks and archery to make sure your Ents stay damaged but alive.

The deck has taken all of my testing quests (Three Trials, Into the Pit, Journey and Treachery of Rhudaur), but struggles a bit against more specific scenario's like Druadan Forest.

On a last note, the Quickbeam hero I have back home doesn't have the Unique symbol. So perhaps you are allowed to add in Quickbeam ally in your deck as well. I'll leave that up to you. Good luck and Don't Be Hasty!!

I will post a Hobbit build to this deck in a few hours, stay tuned!


Feb 09, 2018 Skeffington 125

Cool deck! Have you thought about adding Unexpected Courage for additional vilya uses and use for spirit ressources?

Feb 09, 2018 Durins_Father 1362

Unfortunally Vilya is balanced that you have to exhaust it alongside Elrond in order to play the top card of your deck. While Unexpected Courage would be good to ready Elrond, it won't ready his ring, so you are only restricted to 1 Vilya trigger per turn. You can still use Unexpected Courage for additional defences or more readying with Quickbeam.