Nenya on the Narelenya

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From the Halls of Cirdan the Shores of Umbar
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RogueWraith 93

The deck introduces Prince Imrahil to the basic Silvan lineup of Galadriel/Celeborn for a potent combat deck with questing potential. As the name implies, this deck was built to go sailing through the Dreamchaser Cycle, paired with a Noldor deck. It might not be optimized for that, honestly, since you want bodies for sailing tests, and the Silvan want their allies in play only temporarily. It ultimately worked, though, as the Narelenya helped the tri-sphere deck get allies in play, and this deck is pretty powerful in any quest.


Basically, the and characters quest, Imrahil defends, and he fishes out a ally to kill the enemy. Rinse, repeat. The deck will slowly build up questing potential even as the various Silvan allies explore locations, offer action advantage, or lower threat.

Imrahil is really the engine that makes the deck go. With Elf-friend, he can pull any ally not named Gandalf into the fray. Even without it, he can hit all of the combat-oriented allies except Rúmil, with Celeborn letting them hit harder. Except for Legolas, the allies' enters play ability will hit again and again. Imrahil makes card draw outside of Galadriel less important, as you don't want the expensive allies clogging your hand. Best of all, this is all innate: you don't need to wait for any cards before starting to smash things.

The main threats to the deck are direct damage, as the elves are squishy, and multiple enemy attackers who cannot be put down. Imrahil is really the only repeatable defender (with Gondorian Shield) outside of chump blocking, so if you can't kill enemies fast enough, they can cut you to ribbons. Without healing support from another deck, you might need to include a little bit here as well.


Marksman of Lórien is the star of the show. When fished out by Imrahil, she can effectively down enemies with six points in the defense/hit point stats on her own (4 with Celeborn, -2 with her own ability).

Galadhon Archer is a good second choice for Imrahil's ability, splashing one damage and three before departing back into the trees (masts?). Legolas helps ensure that the deck always has something to play, as it is good to avoid stalling out. Rúmil and his brother Orophin are the only ranged characters Imrahil can't fish out without Elf-Friend, hence there is only one copy.

Defender of the Naith is the only other ally Imrahil might explicitly hunt for. He can help take the pressure off if you are engaged with too many enemies, and the fact that he disappears after defending with 3 helps overcome his biggest weakness, fragility.

The rest of the allies serve their usual purpose in a Silvan deck: Galadriel's Handmaiden, Woodland Courier, Naith Guide, and Orophin will generally enter play normally, quest without exhausting, and then quest until called back by an event. Envoy of Pelargir helps move resources onto Imrahil if you had to play one for a shield, or need to save up for a ally stuck in hand. Lastly, Gandalf needs no introduction.


As in most Silvan decks, O Lórien! and Nenya are important, but joining them here is the Gondorian Shield. It is probably worth a mulligan to try to fetch one, as it turns Imrahil into a solid defender to take an attack each round, which his newfound ally will then dispatch. Without the shield, the deck can still work, so long as another deck has a defender that will enable the ranged attackers to do their work. It is just easier to find the shield.

Elf-friend is probably not too necessary, but it does increase what Imrahil can hit, making it very unlikely he won't find anything. The Mirror of Galadriel is mostly useful for finding the Shield, but dropping it probably wouldn't affect the deck that much.

Hithlain is underused, in my opinion. Its not terribly expensive, and while a bit slow, it rewards you for doing something you normally would do. If it saves you from a bad location, its worth it, in my opinion. Unfortunately it doesn't mesh with Imrahil's ability, but it still cleared locations we didn't want to travel to.


There are only a couple of the normal Silvan return-to-hand events here because Imrahil makes them unnecessary for the powerful allies. Feigned Voices helps cover up the defensive shortcomings. Pursuing the Enemy could probably be replaced by The Tree People, but it does have the advantage of not needing another card (in this case Nenya) to be playable. Sneak Attack can help even without the classic Gandalf combination. The rest of the cards help Imrahil, either with defense or with building up resources to get a bigger tactics ally out permanently, which can happen from time to time.