Grimbeorn's Flight

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GrandSpleen 615

A multi-player combat specialist deck.

Hirgon quests in order to play allies with his effect. Mablung may have a Gondorian Shield and defend at need, or participate in attacks with a Dagger of Westernesse. Grimbeorn the Old can attack or use his effect to defend and counter-attack (so, try leave him a resource).

Grimbeorn and Mablung can also have a Spear of the Citadel, but with Grimbeorn you'll run into a restricted problem. He likes to have a Rohan Warhorse, leaving you only one other slot. Choose based on your needs at the time (Spear, Dagger, or a Shield). I put the Spear in there as a weapon which can be used to trigger Foe-hammer, along with the Dagger. A Bow of Yew would also be a good choice and it's in the sideboard, but since you can't use it and Foe-hammer on the same turn, it's not included in the main deck. The upcoming Warrior Sword weapon (Ghost of Framsburg) would also be great here instead of the Spear.

Grimbeorn will probably get your first Support of the Eagles, and Mablung gets the second if you draw it.

Meneldor and Descendant of Thorondor have fun popping in and out of play, which is a key 'fun' feature of the deck. Try to wait and use Flight of the Eagles until you have a very thin encounter deck for a better chance at revealing Eagle of the North.

Draw is a problem, which is typical for mono-tactics, so you've got the usual suspects: Legolas, The Eagles Are Coming!, Open the Armory, and Foe-hammer.

Sideboard: Sub in Beregond for more Sentinel, replacing Mablung, at significant cost to your resources. A previous build had Aragorn, who can sub in for Grimbeorn, attacking effectively without the resource cost, at loss to defensive power in the early game. Or: Sub Háma in for Grimbeorn, using his ability for card draw (up to 3 times, which should be sufficient). If draw is not needed, he provides additional opportunities to use Meneldor's Flight.


Nov 09, 2018 IstariKnight 17

Captain of Gondor would be a great inclusion, as it really powers up Grimbeorn for just 1 tactics resource.

Tireless Hunters is a strong option when you're playing a multi-player combat specialist deck. I'd consider 2x since the ranged is limited.

Descendant of Thorondor seems overcosted for what you're getting, especially if the Grimbeorn resource is going to be tied up due to his ability.

Nov 09, 2018 GrandSpleen 615

Somehow I always forget you don't have to be a Gondor hero to be Captain of Gondor. That would be a great inclusion.

In the game I've played so far, between Vassals of the Windlord, Legolas, and Grimbeorn's own ability, I've have enough ability to deal with enemies that engage other players, so it'd be hard to justify the deck space for Tireless Hunters (although it synergizes quite well with Mablung).

I do wish Descendant of Thorondor cost 3 (effectively 2 with Hirgon). I like him the deck because of his surprising utility when you have enough money to pay for it. In a recent 3-player game, used a version of this deck in Voyage Across Belegaer, and the Descendant took out a ship on its own over a couple of turns. Since ships come with additional enemies (Boarding keyword), that was a great use. In a game against Roam Across Rhovanion the other night, I used him to get rid of a Pack of Wargs at a point when in the early game when I had too many enemies on the board. The Wargs can get multiple attacks via their effect, so the Descendant prevented 1 or maybe more attacks. It was definitely a high cost to pay, but it allowed me to proceed on to a win. I also had gotten stuck with Lost in the Wild in that game (which discards your hand), and has lost my hand earlier in the game, so I didn't have that many other things to play at the time. Anyway, just saying I like the options he provides. Meneldor is certainly better at this popping in and out of play thing that Eagles can do, but the Descendant can do it too at great need.

Nov 09, 2018 IstariKnight 17

I haven't played with Grimbeorn yet, so I forgot he had sentinel. Makes sense.

I'm personally not a fan of Descendant, even with Hirgon. I think he's great tech to bring in a against ships and wargs, but the norm is to pull enemies down rather than leave them in the staging area. More often than not, I find myself without enemies to target when I want to chump Descendant for EotMM buffs.