The Great Eagles

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WingfootRanger 1963

WingfootRanger has a newer deck inspired by this one: The Great Eagles

Since it isn't legal to play Support of the Eagles on Erkenbrand the way the deck currently is, I updated it to add Song of Battle.

The Eagle deck is rising again thanks to a few new cards added to its selection pool. This deck follows the long tradition of so many Eagle decks before it. It uses Hirgon to play the Eagles cheap and bounces them off to Eagles of the Misty Mountains which grows to be a huge ally. Then, Support of the Eagles makes either Bard the Bowman or Erkenbrand Voltron massively. This will be a fun and strong deck to play in a multiplayer game, especially with 3 or 4 players.

Opening Hand

The most important card to mulligan for is Eagles of the Misty Mountains followed by Steward of Gondor or Support of the Eagles. Once those 3 cards are brought together, any Eagles that are drawn will simply fuel the Voltron combo. The Eagles Are Coming! definitely helps bring more Eagles out of the deck while Campfire Tales digs into the a little while benefitting the other players at the table. Valiant Sacrifice also grants card draw since this deck will often have allies leaving play. Ally Legolas provides some the best card draw in the deck and is always welcome to have around.


The Heroes

Erkenbrand gets Hauberk of Mail, Armored Destrier, and Support of the Eagles. Bard the Bowman gets Support of the Eagles and Rohan Warhorse, to hit hard twice. Hirgon gets The Red Arrow and can have Steward of Gondor too.

Early, Mid, and Late Game

The early game is mostly spent on getting Eagles of the Misty Mountains in play and shoving Eagles under it power it up. There are several ways to do that. Sneak Attack has myriad targets in this deck, but it can allow an Eagle to go under Eagles of the Misty Mountains instead of returning to hand. Flight of the Eagles is a new addition to the Eagle shell, and similarly to Sneak Attack it can also shove an Eagle under Eagles of the Misty Mountains. It also puts an Eagle of the North in the encounter deck to maybe be revealed later.

Lastly, aside from Vassal of the Windlord and Winged Guardian which make themselves leave play, Eagles can be used as chumps to get them under Eagles of the Misty Mountains if necessary. At some point you will have drawn a Support of the Eagles or two, and you should be set for combat basically. Gandalf is also there to reduce your threat or draw cards, whatever you need him for.

Tricks and Tips


This deck has worked successfully as a combat deck in multiple games with other players. Once the Eagles are built up and Support of the Eagles hits the table, combat is pretty well handled. The deck can also quest for a bit in a pinch, with 6-12 being the range it might typically contribute. So it is a fun and solid combat deck with a little flexibility. It's enjoyable if you like the unique way that Eagles play.


Feb 04, 2019 Alonewolf87 203

Just a question, how do you play Support of the Eagles on Erkenbrand since it's only for Tactics heroes?

Feb 04, 2019 Wandalf the Gizzard 1017

Hooray for more Bard!

Feb 04, 2019 WingfootRanger 1963

@Alonewolf87 Woops, I missed that somehow. The good thing is, I do have a couple cards I could cut for Song of Battle. I could drop The Red Arrow and Landroval, maybe another card. I'll get around to fixing this though.