The Hills of Emyn Muil Solo

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A solo deck capable of beating The Hills of Emyn Muil with regularity, using only core and Shadows of Mirkwood cycle cards.


Éowyn is, as always, here for the questing.

Frodo Baggins is mainly here for his defending. Attach Unexpected Courage to him if it surfaces - he can then quest as well as defend. We attach Steward of Gondor as he's the least likely hero to ever die. Attach Dúnedain Warnings to Frodo, but it's not a priority.

Dúnhere is mainly here for attacking, particularly into the staging area (Chieftan/Beastmaster/Horse Thieves). Attach Dúnedain Marks to him asap.


This scenario is known as one of the easiest in print. There aren't many enemies and it's essentially about getting through locations. There are quite a few "When revealed" direct damage cards in the encounter deck so we treasure any A Test of Will we may get (try to save for treacheries that cause drastic damage).

If Éowyn takes any damage, we are very careful about questing with her. Losing her is a blow to this scenario. We use The Riddermark's Finest, Escort from Edoras, Wandering Took and West Road Traveller as questing meat if in doubt.

Strength of Will and Snowbourn Scout can and should be used to get through tricky locations in staging.

The most important cards in this scenario are Northern Trackers. Getting one (or if lucky two) out early will really help getting through locations without making them active (particularly Amon Hen and Amon Lhaw. This is a tactic that has served us well).

Lórien Guide is fairly useful, but if things are going well with Northern Tracker we aim to not actually make many locations active.

Faramir's boosting ability is also extremely useful, albeit he is not easy to get out due to his cost.

As usual, The Galadhrim's Greeting + Dwarven Tomb and Gandalf's Search + Sneak Attack are powerful ways to keep our threat low. This is essential for us keeping certain enemies in staging for Dúnhere to attack, or avoid threat 35+ treacheries.