Spirit of the Wolf Deck 4 : Territory of the Pack

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Spirit of the Wolf
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Allison of Brand 64


This is a 4-decks serie that follows 3 rules :

  • Rule n°1 : only and cards are used to make the 4 decks.
  • Rule n°2 : no more than 3 copies of a card for THE ENTIRE 4-DECKS SERIE. So no 4 x 3 A Test of Will, even if it's sexy on paper.
  • Rule n°3 : I'm a casual player and i don't play with errata, i don't care, i play for fun !

A great thanks to The Purple Wizard for his Green Anaconda decks that inspired me !

This is the deck 4 which focuses on support. You know every inch of your territory. You fear no shadow, no threat, no treachery in it. This is your land and your enemy will know it at his expense.

I hate locations. I really HATE locations. Less than treacheries but still. So there is plenty of cards that will take care of them : Thrór's Key, Backtrack, Woodland Courier and West Road Traveller. Combine with the other cards form the other decks such as Northern Tracker, no location will resist you.

I hate treacheries. I really HATE treacheries. More than anything in this game. So there is Eleanor and A Test of Will to take care of them. You can make them recursive via Dwarven Tomb or by recycling them with Galadhrim Weaver or Will of the West and search them with Mirror of Galadriel or Long Lake Fisherman. This tech is also valid for Hasty Stroke, Quicker Than Sight and Shadows Give Way.

You can manage threat of your companions with The Galadhrim's Greeting, Galadriel's Handmaiden, Double Back or even with Galadriel.

There is a little aspect of deck manipulation with A Watchful Peace and Shadow of the Past.

Your ressource engine is Magic Ring and your draw engines are Long Lake Fisherman, Mirror of Galadriel and Galadriel.