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Bard Lee's 2019 GenCon of Suffering
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Caldara 2.0 150 118 34 1.0
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BardLee4 29

More of a tournament report than a deck guide.

I derived this deck from Chris's Caldara 2.0 with a couple of multiplayer focused changes. I went for Súlien because her ability in 3 or 4 player can end up being insanely strong. I included Háma because sometimes you can get swarmed or need to take multiple attacks due to a boss enemy, but that ended up not happening and he sat there doing nothing mostly. I've found that Long Lake Fisherman can be good to help pull out something like Narya or Jubayr if you can't find them early and I've killed him in the past and brought him back to try again at times.

I played this in a 4p attempt at quest 1 in Shadow of the (B)East. That quest in general did not go well. As I mentioned on Twitter, we quested for 42 and lost due to back to back treacheries that reduced the WP of each character committed to the quest by 1. I remember having to pop an early Caldara for 2 allies, but I got Jubayr and Pelargir Shipwright so I felt the need to since so many enemies started on the board. Really not much to say, we got dominated and my deck worked ok, but not to the best of its ability. At one point, I had 3 A Very Good Tale and no Narya which probably blew it for me. I mistakenly did try and play them though.

During Listener Event we played 4p of the first quest from the Collector's Edition, I ran this too and have almost no recollection of it. I mostly remember it for Aaron losing Théoden to a shadow that increased the enemy attack by 3. I believe I had a Jubayr and Kahliel’s Tribesman and some Northern Tracker which kept me alive when we got enemy swarmed by stage 2. We scooped because Daniel/bigfomlof and I could keep defending but never attack back while Aaron and Samthemangamgee couldn't handle combat.

My successful run of this deck came with Jon, who ran Radagast and Eagles, during Prancing Pony though I'm pretty sure the deck ended up with a corrupted file since it wasn't Goblin Fingers. It ran so well. I got an early Prince Imrahil, got Jubayr and 3 Tribesman, Glorfindel, and multiple Shipwrights. The 3 Northern Trackers crushed the staging area too as we fell behind on locations early, but dug it out. I ended up questing with Hama for 1 because both of us ended up being set up so well. Threat ended up being an issue, I used my first Gandalf for draw and my second for threat reduction. I was looking for a third, but forgot I didn't have one and ended up with Will of the West being gone to A Very Good Tale. Good thing we went to the threat reduction location like 4 or 5 times.

This ended up being hit or miss for me. At times, it ran really well, but during others it was just fine. I think maybe the quests really influenced how it went. The deck defends one to two enemies really well, but having more can be problematic when it comes to attacking. I will say that I never played any of the Imladris Caregiver because others had better healing; I should have dumped them. Elfhelm did come in handy in 4p because there almost always ends up being a Doomed 1 card during staging.