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Hawkdir and the Winter Lookout
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WastelandSniper 25

WastelandSniper has a newer deck inspired by this one: Hawkdir

This deck is all about Haldir of Lórien. His ability to hit the staging area as long as you haven't engaged an enemy that turn can really take care of some problems before they become bigger problems. This current version of the deck is a far cry from where it started out, but it has definitely improved its performance. This will get another tweak as soon as the Challenge of the Wainriders comes out and the Golden Belt becomes available. Then it will change again when the next set releases with the Stone of Elostirion.

But for what is in the deck now, Forth, The Three Hunters! gives you the ability to really pump Haldir up with Bow of the Galadhrim, Legacy Blade, and the Rohan Warhorse. Do the same thing for Argalad and you'll have two heavy hitters who can each do unique work in the staging area. Substitute the War Axe in for even more damage (and when the Golden Belt comes out, just add it on and give both Haldir and Argalad four restricted attachments).

Thurindir is mostly in here for his setup ability (pull Gather Information first), but it's nice to have at least some questing power in this deck. Give him the Necklace of Girion to help with questing and resource acceleration. Give him Raiment of War and Spear of the Citadel. He's not really meant to be a defender, but with those and Leather Boots he can be a defender of last resort. One of those will be dropped when Stone of Elostirion comes out.

Song of Battle is absolutely crucial to make this deck work, so you want to get it out on each hero as quickly as you possibly can.

Dúnedain Pipe, Foe-hammer, and Mithrandir's Advice should help you start working through your deck to find the cards you need. Scroll of Isildur will let you play the events from out of the discard pile. And if you find yourself needing access to a Hands Upon the Bow or Swift and Strong but the only ones you have are in the discard pile, use Bartering to switch a Scroll for a Book of Eldacar to pull whichever one you need from the discard. I'm still trying to figure out the best ratio of these, but it's definitely a handy little mechanic in a pinch.