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kainveus 84

Note: Power of Command is proxy for Well Preserved ( Exhuast The One Ring and raise 1 threat at the beginning of the round to heal all damages on attached hero ) .

Get In Service of the Steward when you set up (or Song of Battle if you have draw In Service of the Steward in the opening hand) , and then you can put Gondorian Fire , Rod of the Steward and Lord of Morthond on Glóin . When you get 3xCitadel Plate ( thanks to Golden Belt), Ent Draught and Boots from Erebor you can make a 19 hip point Gloin and heal all damages every turn.The Grey Wanderer and Self Preservation can help you to heal Glóin when you get too many damages during battle ,thus can let you get more money , sometimes you are hoping the shadow effect is to attack again ! Then you will feel you are the Wolverine !

So just let enemies attack and get unlimited money (usually about 15-25 resources per turn). With Rod of the Steward you can get unlimited cards , with Gondorian Fire you can get unlimited ATK , and with Grappling Hook you can get unlimited WillPower! And Second Breakfast can let you get Grappling Hook back and use it again , which can help you defeat the stages ( even with the Battle/Siege keywords ).

In multiplayer games you can change some cards for Steward of Gondor , just for others because you will never need it . Also with Song of Mocking and Campfire Tales

Willpower is poor at begining but when you get money you will have everything. Just to try it!


Feb 11, 2020 Jtothemac 300

Vigilant guard might be a good option for you too, for any spread treacheries... Gloin could absorb it all.

Feb 11, 2020 AlasForCeleborn 152

The One Ring's restricted, so Glóin can't have 3 Citadel Plates. Lord of Morthond's an interesting idea, though, very creative.

Feb 11, 2020 kainveus 84

@Jtothemac Yes Vigilant Guard can help others in multiplayer games but it need a Mighty Warrior so it’s a little hard to play . Because Ents can heal themselves with Wellinghall Preserver so I didn’t conclude Vigilant Guard . It should be in the sideboard.

Feb 11, 2020 kainveus 84

@AlasForCeleborn O thanks I really forgot this . A 15 HP Gloin is just OK . In my test games usually I put the same number of ATK in front of me and kill the other enemies to get money .

Mar 22, 2020 askelad 99

how fast can you draw your entire deck? Wondering if Tome of Atanatar with Second Breakfast can let you chain infinite grappling hook.

the ally count is a bit low for Timely Aid, there must be some whiff. in the other hand you could really use a Master of the Forge.

you forgot We Are Not Idle.

this deck is brillant.