Bait and switch

askelad 235


Picture Glorg, Zargl, Vilgoz, and Craigrock, four orcs of average orc intelligence. Glorg, Zargl, Vilgoz and Craigrock are on watch duty while the rest of the platoon is sound asleep, dreaming of battle and pillage (except for captain Ulguz, who dreams of crocheting, his secret passion).

To protect themselves from the sun-that-hurts, the troop has settled on the edge of Fangorn, under the cover of the trees. Our four sentries are sitting around a large and relatively flat stump, playing dice. Craigrock is about to roll the dice when he hears a noise, coming from the forest.

"Did you hear that?" He asks his playmates. They frown. Craigrock thinks he heard the low voice of a dwarf cackling in the distance. "Must have been the wind", they say. Unconvinced, He decides to go investigate. Craigrock gets up and walks silently in the direction the noise came from. The voices of his comrades fade away as he goes deeper into the woods. About to give up, he hears the voice again. Craigrock has fought dwarves before, and he recognises the voice of one, singing. He pushes forward, following the sound coming ever closer.

After a while, Craigrock finally locates the singing dwarf, sitting on a rock in a clearing. Hidden behind a tree, Craigrock contemplates his options. He could run back for reinforcment, but if the dwarf was gone by the time he came back, he would be made fun of (and maybe punished). In the other hand, he could sneak up on it, kill it while it is distracted, and come back with a trophy. Silently unsheating his short-sword, Craigrock prepares to strike.

Before he can take another step, the tree he is standing behind suddenly turns, a branch catching him in the head, almost knocking him out. Craigrock falls on his back, and before he can make a noise, he sees a man and a man-child drop from the higher branches, both swords drawn. His scream is muffled by a sharp edge biting his throat.

Picture Glorg, Zargl, and Vilgoz, three orcs of average orc intelligence...

Bait and switch

This fellowship is designed to make Merry and Aragorn battle together, killing as many enemies in a turn as possible. This combo is not new, however this fellowship approches it in a new unique way. It is incredibly fun to play and creates memorable moments, i highly recommend you to download it and try it on OCTGN against an scenario with a swarm of enemies, expect some crazy rounds.

The basic combo works as following: attack an enemy with Merry and Aragorn together, killing it. Then trigger Aragorn's ability to engage an enemy not engaged with you (engaged with another player OR from the staging area), trigger Merry's ability to ready Aragorn, and use Rohan Warhorse or Fast Hitch to ready Merry. Rinse and repeat until out of action or until there is no enemy left in play.

Leveraging the combo

Assuming this is how we are going to kill ennemies, there are a few development we can make to generate value from this strategy:

  • Since we only need to engage one enemy to get started and kill enemies in staging, it is advantagous to have low threat, in order to avoid engaging more than one enemy and defending more attacks than necessary. The highest threat in this fellowship is the 24 of the aragorn deck, and enemies get +2 engagment cost from Pippin (who also lets us draw lots of cards while we are performing the combo).

  • Since that enemy will be engaged by the aragorn player, we will need defense to come from another deck. The obvious answer is to have a sentinel defender(which we have with Treebeard and (MotK) Arwen Undómiel), but i decided to go for something more fun (and flexible): Glóin The Grey Wanderer with Song of Mocking and Well Preserved can redirect to himself damage from undefended attacks on Aragorn, gaining resource in the process, and healing himself at the start of the next round.

  • Because Gloin will require us to play Ent Draught and to have some healing available, Treebeard is a perfect choice of hero. Since we need to keep threat low, he will be a wanderer as well, making use of Strider and working as an additionnal defender with 4 and sentinel thanks to (MotK) Arwen Undómiel. Also since Glóin will eventually carry Vigilant Guard Treebeard's ability will be incredibly powerful.

  • Using The Three Hunters, Golden Belt and War Axe, Merry and Aragorn will have enough to kill any enemy eventually, only using one restricted slot. Since they will be doing all the killing, i've decided to use Blade of Gondolin for the rest of their restricted slots (of which we have 9 accross all the decks). This will allow us to generate progress on the active location and on the quest during the combat phase, ensuring we make progress at a steady rate (sometimes clearing multiple stages in a single round!).(However we cannot make progress on a side quest outside of the quest phase)

  • Because we can make progress on the quest during the combat phase, the cost of playing side quests (not making progress on the main quest this round) is greatly reduced, which lets us run Gather Information and Double Back without losing too much time.

  • Because the progress generated by Blade of Gondolin will first go on the active location, we will often end up clearing the active location before the end of the round. To take advantage of that, we are using Explorer's Almanac and Strider's Path to potentially clear several locations a round.


We now have a solid plan to handle combat, and generate progress. However, by using two The Grey Wanderer we lose a lot of raw stat when it comes to . Treebeard helps with that, potentially questing for 9 by using The Grey Wanderer to heal mid-questing, but that is not enough.

Since we have a lot of excess copies of cards to improve consistency, i chose Éowyn as our second big gun quester: she will quest for 8 when we use her ability to the max. (MotK) Arwen Undómiel will also quest for 2 while giving treebeard sentinel, and so will Galdor of the Havens once he has Light of Valinor (before that he should be held back to use Healing Herbs).

And finally Galdor of the Havens is here for his second ability, to refill hands when they have been emptied (his ability is technically once per game for each player, which means Desperate Alliance can be used to make another player use his ability.

With a starting questing power of up to 23 (keeping Galdor of the Havens and Merry back), we should not fail questing during the first few rounds, especially if we can clear enemies and locations quickly.

Later in the game, we can give Pippin 2 Dagger of Westernesse (or an excess Blade of Gondolin or Citadel Plate) to flip the contract. with a Unexpected Courage on Aragorn we gain another 14 . And finally for the really big rounds when we want to clear an entire stage as well as several locations through Explorer's Almanac, we use Steward of Gondor+Gondorian Fire+Grappling Hook on Glóin to leverage his massive resource pool from taking all the damage.

The rest of the cards

Expert Treasure-hunter: first one goes on gloin naming attachment, second on Treebeard naming attachment, third and fourth on eowyn and arwen naming event.

Secret Vigil: excellent threat reduction since we cycle through a lot of enemies, and since it is an attachment it can be recycled with Second Breakfast or Reforged if needed.

Song of Healing: this card is our safety measure to keep gloin alive, and a discard outlet to empty someone's hand for a Desperate Alliance+Galdor of the Havens combo to draw 6.

Bilbo's Plan: This card lets us generate an extra enemy to kill for aragorn and merry on rounds where there are not enough enemies to exhaust all the readying we have, to generate more progress through Blade of Gondolin. Discarding a location is a bonus.

Heed the Dream: Since Glóin will be rich as Scrooge mcDuck, he will always be ready to pay the 3 to turn this card into a Word of Command.

Wait no Longer: Like Bilbo's Plan, this generates enemies for us to generate resource from with gloin and progress from with Blade of Gondolin. revealing one less card is a bonus.

Magic Ring: counts as an artifact for Ring of Barahir, generates resource or heals. Can also replace Unexpected Courage on Treebeard.

Campfire Tales and Second Breakfast: those are both draw 1 for everyone (since we can discard attachments to Éowyn), which gloin has resource for. Second Breakfast can also be used to recycle Grappling Hook, Healing Herbs, Explorer's Almanac and Secret Vigil.

Healing Herbs: absolutely ridiculous in this fellowship. Attach to Galdor, and enjoy healing 17 damage from gloin in the middle of (not) defending a bunch of attacks.

Unexpected Courage: One of them should go on Aragorn once the contract flips, others are for Treebeard so that he can defend more attacks (mostly attacks on himself or the galdor player, since Glóin can only (not) defend attacks against himself and aragorn/the hobbits.

Reforged: can be used to replay a Healing Herbs, Grappling Hook, Explorer's Almanac or Secret Vigil from discard.

A Test of Will, Hasty Stroke, Dwarven Tomb: classic safety package.


This fellowship is immensly fun to play. You can look forward to that sort of round:

Use Desperate Alliance to have two players draw 6 instantly, use Grappling Hook and Explorer's Almanac to explore 3 locations at once while clearing a 20 progress stage in a single quest phase, then engage a bunch of enemies, let all the damage go to gloin generating 20 resource, use Healing Herbs to heal him up and keep going, generating even more resource, and then during attack killing 8 enemies with two heroes, while generating enough progress to clear one more location and complete a second stage of the main quest.

As usual, comments and questions of all sorts are welcome!

thanks to @doomguard, @kainveus and @TheGameLocker for inspiration


Dec 23, 2020 doomguard 459

nice fellowship

one thing:

"Also since Glóin will eventually carry Vigilant Guard Treebeard's ability will be incredibly powerful."

will not work. you have to put the dmg on treebeard, to get the bonus. you can only heal after, not dodge the dmg, because then you did not pay the cost for the benefit. (same with honour guard, dori etc.)

Dec 23, 2020 askelad 235

@doomguard i am aware of that, however the purpose of the maneuver is not to give treebeard or (usually we only use it for willpower during questing, and in that case treebeard does take damage) but only to have an excuse to damage gloin, which only requires us to trigger treebeard's ability, wether or not it resolves.

Treebeard's ability is limited to 5 times each phase, which means during the combat phase (after resolving enemy attack obviously) and during the refresh phase we can deal up to 10 damage to gloin, stopping once he has only 1 hit point left, so that we generate maximum resource before we heal him at the start of the next round.

Dec 23, 2020 doomguard 459

after some closer looks:

i would change the elvesdeck.

  • either put in the hero arwen and make it 3 hunters, then the deck needs much of re-arrangements
  • or put in more healing. specially if you want to use treebeards ability. +3 warden and +3 healer of imladris. with much elvenlight, that can be used by eowyn (or eowyn and arwen if she is the normal hero) there is constant healing
  • 3 hunters with self preservation put on treebeard

why hero-arwen and not motk:

  • using her ability can give galdor a res and with 2 green there is more otential, specially when using healers (both cost 2 warden and imladris).
  • elvenlights can be used 2 times a round
  • 3 hunters is possible

i think motk arwen is not that important. yes, treebeard can defend the initial attack on the aragorndeck. but with save song of mocking and about 6 hp on gloin (1 of pipe, boots or ring of baharir is nearly sure) is that really necessary? and if there is an enemy from the start, that makes need of more to survive, treebeard can engage him (he can be engaged by aragorn later). specially if you cannot use gloin for treeberads boosting-ability.

having this in mind, the elves should be rearranged.

i think, the desperate allieance -galdor-combo is not this much important, and more a lategame-benefit, but than it is not so much needed. gives more room for more important cards in that deck. 3 light of valinor. why? 1 is enough, it will not do this much at all.

Dec 23, 2020 doomguard 459

i miss some Song of Hope at gloin. until the 3-card-combo (steward, blood, grappling hook) stands it, it helps.

Dec 24, 2020 askelad 235

@doomguard thanks for your comment!

on having more healing: At first i was running Self Preservation and Ioreth, but after a few games i realised i was rarely using them because most of the time The Grey Wanderer's healing was sufficient to keep Treebeard healthy. I already have 2 Warden of Healing and Imladris Caregiver is just a worst Song of Healing. If we change the lin-up and lose a bit of , we can compensate with Self Preservation on Treebeard to leverage his ability more.

On Light of Valinor: 1 for 2 is pretty efficient, however i agree it is not that vital compared to a Círdan the Shipwright or Glorfindel. The reason i run 3 is simply because of Éowyn: Drawing extra copies is no big deal, as we can just discard them to her ability.

However i agree we can reduce the number of copies, even all the way to zero, if we need deck space.

On three hunters: Absolutely possible if we end up moving away from Messenger of the King, i just havn't found any interesting restricted attachment yet for that specific deck.

On (MotK) Arwen Undómiel: First of all, the main motivation behind my choice was starting threat: with a starting threat of 5, the total starting threat of that deck is 23 which is just below the hobbits's 24, which is perfect for our strategy.

Second of all, giving Treebeard sentinel is very useful, not for the purpose of defending attacks on aragorn or gloin, but to defend attacks on Éowyn: some quests will force each player to engage an enemy, or make the players start the game with an engaged enemy each, or have a boss who attacks each player in turn. Against those kind of scenarios, giving treebeard sentinel is the difference between doing fine and needing to start over/pick another scenario.

Many of my decks and fellowship are highly specialized and have a bunch of scenarios they cannot tackle. i like the idea of this one being able to adapt to it's strategy not going perfectly as planned. Moving away from (MotK) Arwen Undómiel is absolutely possible, but unless the elvesdeck obtains some form of defense many scenarios or encounter cards would become impossible to overcome.

On Arwen Undómiel: I agree she would work really well with Galdor of the Havens and Éowyn, that is defenitely a deck one could build. However that deck would have a starting threat of 27, which is too high for this fellowship.

On Galdor of the Havens+Desperate Alliance: I also agree that tech is not necessary to the fellowship working, i just think it fits well with using Éowyn and running the kind of curve and redudancy those 3 other decks have.

Overall, i think the first 3 decks are decided, and can only change the numbers of copies of some cards for optimization, while the fourth deck can be changed completly, as long as it follows certain requirements:

I'd love to see what hero line-up you come up with

Merry Christmas!!

Dec 24, 2020 askelad 235

@doomguard i've given some though to your comments. Here are a few ideas:

Song of Hope: Having large amounts of resource doesn't turn a bad card good. If i am spending a card and 3+ resource on developing more willpower, i might as well play Erestor, Faramir or even Denethor and not have to spend 3 resource a round to maintain it.

Elven-light: the deck doesn't have that many cards to discard (especially if we cut copies of Light of Valinor), and on one use a turn Silver Harp beats Elven-light after three rounds (two if Forth, The Three Hunters!). We might consider using Silver Harp instead of Elven-light.

ideas for changing the hero line-up of the fourth deck:

Also any option which removes hero Galdor enables treebeard to play ally Galdor of the Havens, which he could use (during my games treebeard was the first one to run out of cards most of the time)

So far my favorite option is replacing Galdor of the Havens with Thurindir

Dec 25, 2020 doomguard 459

here are 2 different options. not exactly the questpower in round 1 , but several other options:

Dec 25, 2020 askelad 235

Very interesting! here's a few comments:

First of all, i really like your idea of using a Fast Hitch to ready our Healing Herbs user, since we have a lot of them available Folco Boffin would very easily be able to quest. I also like fitting Forth, The Three Hunters! for cost discounts and more willpower come lategame. I like the inclusion of Lembas, which would help a lot with the early game.

  • The One Ring is restricted, so in order to equip Armor of Erebor and Citadel Plate Glóin would need a golden belt, and even then it would not be possible to equip a second plate. Given his low defense i think extra copies of Song of Mocking would work just as well as Dúnedain Signal or Armor of Erebor, gloin would take a bit more damage but would not need to exhaust which makes it more reliable.

  • I'm still not convinced on song of hope. I understand that it is flexible (no cost at all to pay when the willpower is not required) but given how gloin has a lot of resource and we play Explorer's Almanac most of the time i would rather just pay ahead the full cost for a willpower ally, regardless of wether we are going to need the willpower this round. Cards that would serve a similar purpose while also advancing the rest of our game plan include Celebrían's Stone (help flip Hunter contract), Denethor (i would not actually play him but if we want pure resource to willpower he does as good a job), Elrond or Galadriel (spend 3 to gain 3 this round plus a card), Wellinghall Preserver (3 for 3 plus some healing for treebeard), Erestor for card cycling or even Dwarven Sellsword.

  • Given how our main targets for healing are always the same, Imladris Caregiver is almost a strict downgrade of Song of Healing

  • Reforged is incredibly useful and flexible, i think it is one of the cards we want 3 of always, so i would rather cut something else if needed.

  • Overall i prefer the Forth, The Three Hunters! version over the ally version, since i would not play Imladris Caregiver and Warden of Healing can fit in other decks in the fellowship.

  • Considering the discount from the contract on Keen Longbow, your whole deck has 7 resource to spend in the whole deck, 4 of which being on cards that are not essential (Protector of Lórien and Keen Longbow). The only card you want to be able to play right away is Fast Hitch. Therefore, you can have all the resource you need just from a single hero, which means you want to replace either Bifur or Folco Boffin with a non- hero, which can enable more resource, and more restricted attachments for the contract.

  • since we are playing Forth, The Three Hunters!, Silver Harp is superior to Elven-light, so we should probably run 3 of Silver Harp.

Assuming Arwen Undómiel and Forth, The Three Hunters! are here to stay, here are the potential changes i can see in the hero line-up, to account for our use of sphere:

Dec 25, 2020 doomguard 459

the critical time are the first 2 rounds if enemys are angaged from the start, or through the encounterdeck enemys come engaged into play or attacks without engaging, right?

for that, the armor or sign are good options. you can discard an restricted attachement if you play another one for that slot. so, giving gloin the erebor armor and replace it later on with something better, seems fine to me. and with the armor bifur could defend well. so if the safety from the start is the point (like 3. of grey haven, dunlandtrap and other szenrios).

the point was, to compensate the sentinel, that motk arwen gives, and for that, i would not replace bifur. remaining him gives the option to play 2 bows in 1 round, or a lembas and a bow,.....

are treebeard and pipin not enough targets for healing herbs? the deck can remain 1-2 hitches even without folko for pippin.

i saw the ressourses-ratio after making the deck and suggested replace folko with glorfindel (and then a few modifikations with the attachements, to optimize)

the mainreason i prefer elvenlight is, that you can use it earlier. you dont need 2 ressources before you can use it, and, you can use both.

you rely heavily on healing herbs and their recycle. i do not like this that much and prefer healing with characters. more flexibility, if healing is not needed,they can quest,if times becomes hard, they can chump. but this is a matter of stile, i think both ways are nearly equal in efficiency.

another idea to realise the early defense:

i do not like sam, because he did not get his bonus or refresh if the enemy is engaged from the start, and thats the situation we need defense in that deck the most. a different hero to think about is really Fatty Bolger he starts with the same defense as bifur, can get pipe and boots and hitch and is spirit, so better usage of resources.

Dec 26, 2020 askelad 235

On the first round, playing Dúnedain Signal would require to use The Grey Wanderer on Glóin during planning, since he needs to play Well Preserved first. That means he can defend with sentinel once on first round at the cost of not questing, and has no healing available, and with 1 he reduces the damage taken by 1.

Having another deck play Song of Mocking on him and him keeping The Grey Wanderer's healing available means he can "defend" an extra attack on another deck (by triggering Song of Mocking an additionnal time on another hero) and heal 3 damage before taking damage from another attack, which means he can take 2 more damage and will generate at least 1 more resource.

Armor of Erebor compares better than Dúnedain Signal. Let's compare it to Song of Mocking.

Playing Armor of Erebor: we spend 2 resource, put gloin at 2 and sentinel. We will want to use The Grey Wanderer for resource generation and healing, so Glóin will not be able to commit to the quest if we want him to defend. During combat, he will defend an attack, reduce the damage taken by 2 with his 2 , and be able to heal 3 damage by activating The Grey Wanderer, then trigger Song of Mocking to take the damage from undefended attacks directed at aragorn and himself.

Playing a second Song of Mocking: Glóin can now commit to the quest. Instead of defendig with sentinel, he will trigger his second Song of Mocking to protect the fourth deck, then heal 3 damage with The Grey Wanderer before taking more damage from undefended attacks on aragorn and himself.

so armor means we spend 2 and a card, and lose 2 on the first round, but Glóin takes 2 less damage.

Song means we spend 1 resource and a card and Glóin takes 2 more damage, but we gain 2 on the first round.

Taking 2 more damage is both a good and a bad thing since it also means 2 more resource. Given the amount of healing we have, i think the 2 are more precious (especially since by playing Arwen Undómiel we have higher threat and cannot play Éowyn), and also since resource are less constrained than resource we gain on our ability to develop. Not having to spend 2 on Armor of Erebor means we can play Spare Pipe or Ring of Barahir first round, which compensates for the extra 2 damage.

As to comparing Song of Mocking to using (MotK) Arwen Undómiel, it is more tricky:

Song of Mocking lets us play Arwen Undómiel which generates resource and Forth, The Three Hunters! which also generates resource through discount, as well as more late game.

(MotK) Arwen Undómiel means we are not reliant on drawing a specific card on the first round to face those scenarios, lets us in general do far better at dealing with scenarios that have too many enemies for gloin to face early on, and by having 5 threat lets us play higher threat heroers with her like Éowyn, which boosts our early game a lot.

playing Keen Longbow does absolutely nothing until the contract is ready to be flipped, so waiting one more round to play it is no problem at all. Having 2 heroes generating is useless unless you have 2 Fast Hitch in hand, and even then it only delays the second one by a round. You need a lot more resource than .

i guess we could just rely on Pippin and Treebeard to use Healing Herbs, but we will still need a hero in the fourth deck anyway, because we want as many Fast Hitch as possible.

i agree normally Elven-light are better, i'm talking about Silver Harp only in the case in which you have the Forth, The Three Hunters! discount on the harp making it cost the same.

"i think both ways are nearly equal in efficiency" That is just factually not true. You cannot heal 15+damage from gloin during combat using allies. There have been a lot of games i would have lost without Healing Herbs.

I agree Sam Gamgee is not great. Fatty Bolger is an awful hero, i woud rather play Glorfindel. However to include Glorfindel i would also replace Bifur with Thurindir, you get similar stats but gain Thurindir's setup and willpower boost. You no longer have a hobbit hero but Fast Hitch and Boots from Erebor will go on Merry and Pippin anyway, and since Thurindir has 4 hp it's like he has boots already. I think Thurindir is great in this fellowship.

giving Glorfindel Light of Valinor also helps with the defense problem, since he can defend and survive an attack if it's not too big.

My conclusion would be to put extra copies of Song of Mocking in the Aragorn and Treebeard deck so that gloin can protect the fourth deck from damage, and for the fourth deck have a hero line-up of either Arwen Undómiel, Glorfindel and Thurindir with Forth, The Three Hunters!, or (MotK) Arwen Undómiel, Éowyn and Thurindir with Messenger of the King.

Dec 26, 2020 doomguard 459

15+ dmg, thats huge. had not mentioned that it piles this much. o.k. then the much herbs-version is needed.

the safety-options are only for such szenarios like fortress of nurn, where everyone has an str 4 enemy engaged from the start. for such cases: the only 3 things, that favours fatty over glorfindel is,

  • that he can be buffed with either pipe or boots to defend a str 5 attack (and +1 from shadow is not this uncommon) and need less healing.
  • the drinking song is more effective.
  • he can get hitch

Dec 26, 2020 askelad 235

i agree allies generate more heal on the long run but since gloin has Well Preserved what really matters is how much we can heal in a single round. And yes it piles up that much on big rounds, take a couple undefended attacks with eventually a shadow and you quickly go into double digits in damage.

Spare Pipe goes on Glóin ideally but if needed it can go on any hero, Glorfindel Fatty Bolger or other, and since Boots from Erebor only give +1 HP any hero with 4 or more hit points i just as good as a Fatty Bolger with boots, but fatty without boots is awful. He has more defense but also less hp and willpower. If we are running a hero that is supposed to defend instead of questing Denethor at least does something useful during the 90% of the time that deck doesn't need defense and can hold an herb until pippin gets his fast hitch

i guess Drinking Song is a nice card but having an actually useful hero is also nice.

Hitch would never go on fatty. I would play it on Pippin first so he can use healing herbs, then merry. Giving him a hitch nets you +1 at best which is not worth a Fast Hitch.

One thing i want to stress is while we want to be able to deal with scenarios that force a defense on the fourth player, we are also in need of a lot of willpower. Without a good amount of flat willpower from round 1, we struggle to complete our side-quests, we struggle to clear locations fast enough (Explorer's Almanac and Strider's Path let us clear more than one location a round but only by making progress!), and if we fail questing we raise our threat which is very counter-productive to the strategy. In my Galdor of the Havens+Éowyn+(MotK) Arwen Undómiel version, i very often had to use both Éowyn's ability AND Treebeard's ability.

Making concessions on the amount of willpower we have access to early on should not be done lightly. That is why i dislike giving Glóin sentinel instead of Song of Mocking, and why i think Éowyn is a better use of the 9 threat hero slot than Arwen Undómiel.

I might be wrong, that would especially depend on the decklist we run: if we have a curve high enough to use the triple resource we produce each round with arwen+another spirit hero, and if we have enough density of playable cards on the first round that generate , Arwen might be better. But adding all those restricted attachments (and light of valinor for glorfindel) we will quickly run into problems of deck-space.

I already have an updated list for the version i lean towards (using (MotK) Arwen Undómiel, Éowyn and Thurindir), i will try to build a version with Forth, The Three Hunters! and Arwen Undómiel, Glorfindel and Thurindir (i think thurindir is solid) and see if it holds up.

I think Arwen Undómiel+Éowyn+Folco Boffin with Forth, The Three Hunters! might also hold up.

Dec 29, 2020 kainveus 110

Great Decks! Why not use Keeping Count ? That can do a good combo with Grappling Hook in multiplayer games.

Dec 30, 2020 askelad 235

@kainveus that's a great idea! with how many kills Merry and Aragorn are counting, it could be an excellent alternative to Gondorian Fire on rounds when Glóin is spending his resources. It doesn't happen that often however and you do need two copies, but if we have no use for it it can always be discarded to Éowyn so why not!