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Seastan 42680

Healing Herbs is a proxy for the newly spoiled Song of Healing, which reads:

Attach to a hero. Limit 1 per hero.

Action: Discard 1 card from your hand to heal 1 damage from attached hero. Any player may trigger this effect.

Crucially, there's no limit. So here's the strategy:

  1. Play Song of Travel, Song of Battle, Mighty Warrior, and Vigilant Guard on Glóin. Use Rivendell Minstrel, Heed the Dream, Drinking Song etc. to help find them. You may even want a second deck to help you play these cards, because it'll be worth it. Also, have 1 copy of Elven-light in hand.

  2. Trigger Treebeard's ability 2 times, and use Vigilant Guard to put that damage on Glóin, who then gets 2 resources.

  3. Discard Elven-light to Song of Healing to heal 1 damage from Glóin.

  4. Trigger Elrond to heal an additional damage from Glóin, bringing him back to full health.

  5. Spend 1 of Glóin's resources to pull back Elven-light and draw 1 card.

  6. You are now up 1 card and 1 resource, with a full-health Glóin. Return to step 2.

For every 2 times you trigger Treebeard, you gain 1 card and 1 resource. You can trigger Treebeard 5*7 = 35 times per round, for a total generation of 17.5 resources and 17.5 cards per round.

Any damage you take from enemies simply results in even more resource/card generation. You can instantly heal any damage you take, for a profit, as long as the attack does not kill Gloin outright. So we have some Ent Draught, Boots from Erebor, Vigilant Guard, and a Citadel Plate to help with that.

Use your vast wealth however you like. Here's how I decided to spend it:

  1. Given the crazy amount of card draw, you will quickly draw your entire deck, meaning you can rely on finding 1x cards.
  2. Play Nori ally and attach Sword-thain to him. Also attach Golden Belt, War Axe, and 2 Dwarven Axes to him, for a total of 9 .
  3. Attach Nor am I a Stranger and In Service of the Steward to a couple of your heroes.
  4. Every combat phase, play The Hammer-stroke, Oath of Eorl, and Hour of Wrath (9 resources) to kill every enemy on the table before they can attack. Shuffle them all back into your deck with Nori, and draw them back with the combo. In the event you don't have 3 enemies to kill, then you likely didn't need to play The Hammer-stroke and/or Hour of Wrath in the first place.
  5. For every kill beyond the first three, recycle whatever event you want. Play it right before Nori kills something, then shuffle it into your deck, then draw it right back up, and play it again right before he kills the next enemy. You could do this with Khazâd! Khazâd! so he gets stronger and stronger with each kill. Or The Galadhrim's Greeting so the table reduces their threat by 2 for every kill. The possibilities are endless.

Feb 29, 2020 Alonewolf87 2256

Super cool deck as always, now let's hope that errata on Vigilant Guard Caleb mentioned regarding Mithril Shirt will not be forthcoming :D

Feb 29, 2020 Seastan 42680

@Alonewolf87 Even if Vigilant Guard does get errata'd, a few Song of Mocking could make up for it, particularly if a second deck has them too. And of course the ability to heal all enemy damage from Gloin instantly for a profit is not dependent on either card.

You could also drop the Treebeard combo altogether for Halbarad and just try to engage as much as possible to fuel your engine.

Mar 01, 2020 Hippoboy 2

@SeastanIs the current ruling that by using Vigilant Guard that Treebeard still gets the bonus? I would say if falls into the "the cost was not paid" by Treebeard not taking damage, therefore he does not get the bonus

At first I really thought that Mithril Shirt would work with Erkenbrand since the cost is still being paid, but the cost is reduced to zero, but- it doesn't.

Or is the whole thing not relevant because you are still allowed to trigger Treebeard/Vigilant guard regardless of Treebeard getting the boost since all you are after is a way to assign damage?

Mar 01, 2020 Seastan 42680

@Hippoboy You are correct, Treebeard would not get the bonus. But the combo does not depend on that, so as you say, it's not relevant.

Mar 01, 2020 doomguard 2047

the esiest way to limit this would be to limit elevenlight to the once per phase. then this kombo would be possible 5 times a round, thats good, but not op, related to the many things it need to make it happen.

Mar 01, 2020 doomguard 2047

make it 7 not 5 but still o.k. for the setting of 5 cards to make it work.

Mar 01, 2020 Some Sort 3635

The proximate issue here is the interaction between Gloin and Elrond. Being able to trade 1 point of healing for 2 resources is what enables these janky loops. (See also: Warden of Healing, but as @Seastan demonstrates, every new piece of healing is a new opportunity to break the duo.)

The ultimate issue, though, is the lack of a limit on Gloin’s resource generation. Even if hero Elrond didn’t exist, one could always use Ally Elrond to wipe out a dozen damage for one to three resources. I’ve used Gloin as the engine to drive my Unlimited Reinforcements deck using that combo, just dedicating the occasional Reinforcements to Ally Elrond to wipe him clean again.

Something like capping Gloin to 5 resources or even 3 resources per round would put a stop to the shenanigans while still leaving him really really good. But on the other hand Gloin has been broken for a while and has never been addressed, so this is probably one of those things like Vilya or Leadership Dain where everyone acknowledges it’s OP but accepts it as the fabric of the game at this point. (Which is good by me given it’s a co-op game.)

Mar 07, 2020 Edmund 22

I won’t be doing 17.5 cards a round as I do not want to tear my cards or cut my tokens. Great idea though