The One Bling aka Blingbo

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angrysand 52

Have you ever thought to yourself, while killing a Hill Troll, climbing Caradhras, or defending Cair Andros, that you didn't feel stylish enough? That you weren't dapper enough? That you didn't have enough Bling?

Then you're in luck!

I present to you after many hours of careful thought (1) and many test runs (1), the greatest deck ever produced in the history of The Lord of the Rings LCG...

The One Bling aka Blingbo.

With some patience and a little luck, you can get every single attachment out. Obviously you want to attach The One Ring to Bilbo and keep Inner Strength for your hand. Then, you want to mulligan for Song of Kings, Steward of Gondor, and Nenya. Celebrían's Stone and Hobbit Pony also useful to get early. I like to distribute Unexpected Courage evenly between the three heroes. Put Steward of Gondor on Aragorn.

The deck actually has plenty of draw capability with Galadriel's ability, Glamdring, Expert Treasure-hunter, Mirror of Galadriel, and Master of the Forge providing quite reliable ways to get all your attachments in hand. I recommend using Gandalf mainly for threat reduction or direct damage. Glorfindel is in mainly to make use of discarding duplicate cards and Warden of Healing helps to keep everyone alive.

One Golden Belt for Bilbo Baggins, and one for Aragorn. I attach Celebrían's Stone, Glamdring, and Durin's Axe to Aragorn, but every other Artifact card to Bilbo, including Ring of Barahir which can get him up to 9 hit points, which combines with a 2 bump from Sting and Inner Strength and damage reduction from Mithril Shirt for a functional 5 . Quite a hefty defender...

Now the important part: BLING RATINGS

Aragorn 7/10 Once he's set up, he's quite bling.

The Arkenstone 9/10 Nearly the peak of bling.

Bilbo Baggins 10/10 Only person to have both the ring and the arkenstone.

Celebrían's Stone 6/10 reasonably bling.

Durin's Axe 8/10 killing in style.

Elrond's Counsel 1/10 very little bling here.

Expert Treasure-hunter 7/10 excellent source of future bling, nice art.

Galadriel 8/10 stylish even before she gets her ring.

Gandalf 7/10 smoky G represent.

Glamdring 6/10 not the blingiest weapon, but creditable.

Glorfindel 5/10 stylish clothes.

Golden Belt 7/10 pretty damn bling.

Hobbit Pony 2/10 only a tiny bit of bling.

Inner Strength 2/10 the art gets it a 2.

Magic Ring 8/10 magic rings are always bling.

Master of the Forge 4/10 helps you get more bling, but not so much bling himself.

Mirror of Galadriel 6/10 unorthodox bling.

Mithril Shirt 8/10 shiny shirt.

Necklace of Girion 9/10 just look at the art, need i say more.

Nenya 8/10 magic rings are always bling.

The One Ring 10/10 the ultimate bling.

Reforged 4/10 just in case you lose your bling.

Ring of Barahir 6/10 solid effort.

The Ruling Ring 3/10 has ring in the title.

Silver Harp 6/10 is silver.

Song of Kings 2/10 i guess you sing about bling?

Sneak Attack 2/10 can bring in smoky G.

Star Brooch 7/10 does almost nothing and is shiny, its uselessness makes it a bit more bling.

Steward of Gondor 7/10 makes fat stacks.

Sting 5/10 it can glow, which is quite bling.

A Test of Will 1/10 no bling here.

Unexpected Courage 2/10 very little bling.

Warden of Healing 1/10 unbling.


Mar 25, 2020 scottishross95 1

this be some bullshit

Mar 25, 2020 Zamomin 67

A very enjoyable deck description. Thank you for taking the time to write it :)

I would give Sting a higher bling rating - if just for the fact that it rhymes with "bling". Other than this, your bling ratings are truly a sign of an aquired taste.

Mar 25, 2020 kypatzer 38

Since you are including “Song of Kings” why not also add “The King’s Return” to fish out those guarded cards?

Mar 26, 2020 Christian_Medic 376

Hahaha respect, this is incredible

Mar 26, 2020 angrysand 52


Yes, I could see Sting with a slightly higher bling rating certainly. The same actually applies to Glamdring, which has glam in its name and also rhymes with bling, Glambling is a pretty stylish name for a weapon...

Mar 26, 2020 angrysand 52


The King's Return would be an excellent addition, perhaps instead of Elrond's Counsel, or potentially cut a Nenya or Reforged.