Grimbeorn, Safer Killer

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To Catch an Orc - 1 Player - 2020-05-05
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Flrbb 128

Core Concept

This is, easily to notice, a Grimbeorn/Armored Destrier deck. With Balin even a shadow effect from the first attack can be circumvented. So, Safer Combat is the key here.

Starting Hand and Style of Play

Armored Destrier and The Day's Rising are those who have the most impact. Dunedain Mark or/and Warning, Hauberk of Mail, Rune-master and especially Captain of Gondor are other cards which are nice, too.

In general, focus on attachments for Grimbeorn first. He will then be able to defend and counter attack almost every enemy in play. When having to less of good attachments in hand, spend Gildors resources (or use Legolas) to draw cards. Obviously, this deck isn't ment to quest much, so the initial 5 is more or less everything you'll get.

Addional Cards

The very core cards for Grimbeorn do not add up to 50, so there is room for more.

Rune-master and Weather Hills Watchmen are a good choice when using Signals. Sneak Attack and Gandalf is an obivous choice. As beeing somewhat short on resources, Man the Walls is quite nice, especially in multi player.

All the allies focus on the dale or warrior trait, just to have a target for the remaining Hauberk of Mail.

Raven-winged Helm and Honour Guard help to prevent damage.

Celebrians Stone and Strider are a miner help with questing and sure are the very first cards to replace here. A side note on strider: here are way more than 3 usefull allies, but resources are short and spent on attachments first, so keeping it under those 5 characters is quite doable.


Gondorian Spearman (especially with an attachment) could be another good defender, but wasn't necesarry so far.

For missions where threat is a problem there are Favor of the Valar and Secret Vigils, but usually you want your party to have a somewhat high threat to engage all the enemies.

Mighty Prowess does fit well to Grimbeorn, but in the end its single extra damage wasn't worth the deck space - Grimbeorn does kill everything even without this card. Keep Watch is somehow the same category - Grimbeorn is strong enough without.

This deck focusses on multiplayer, so chances are that some other player can make more use of Steward of Gondor.


May 05, 2020 Alonewolf87 1044

Guardian of Esgaroth seems like a weird choice since it can only be equipped with a single Hauberk of Mail, perhaps consider adding some Round Shield, Raiment of War or Bow of Yew for them.

May 05, 2020 doomguard 645

would add some safety cram, discard ranger provisions for that.

May 06, 2020 Flrbb 128

Thank you for your insights!

Indeed, Guardian of Esgaroth won't develop its full power here. I played this deck mostly in a 4 player party, so in my experience a fully equipped Grimbeorn the Old has more worth than a better equipped Guardian. (Don't get me wrong; in general, a fully equipped Guardian is top tier.) But in my experience (most games with this deck were with 4 players, a dedicated questing/location control deck and a Beregond there) a Guardian is played after everything else and has to be seen as a 2 ally or an emergency blocker.

Saftey Cram? Resources are quite short in my experience, if not for yourself, then Ranger Provisions does help your allies. That card is certainly not needed much, but somehow I wanted to include it.

May 06, 2020 Alonewolf87 1044

If you want a 2 Willpower ally for 2 cost you can go with Angbor the Fearless, Pippin, Rosie Cotton (a bit of a waste in this deck ammitedly). Of course you might not have these cards. If you want a 2 Willpower 3 cost ally (cause that's what you need to spend to get the Guardian of Esgaroth to 2 Willpower) you could go for Bofur, Grimbold, Halfast Gamgee, Longbeard Elder, Meneldor, Steward of Orthanc. The Dwarven Sellsword could also be a good fit for the first turns and Envoy of Pelargir basically ends up costing you only 1 resource since Gildor Inglorion is Noble.

If you want a chump blocker perhaps our old friend Snowbourn Scout can help.

May 06, 2020 doomguard 645

safety-cram means, that you can put it on grimbeorn, and then he can defend more often. cram cost nothing, ranger provisions cost 1 and you never know, when you willl get back yout money. for me its to risky, cram is a save use. and you do not have to play it on grimbeorn, as u metined you play in multiplayer, there are many targets for it.

May 09, 2020 Flrbb 128

You two do have good arguments for tweeking this deck. For the very moment I disassembled the deck to build something with Forth, The Three Hunters! and Grimbeorn the Old. When I do come back to this deck I will definitly take your ideas into account.