Questing at the Carrock

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AlistairB 8

The key to Conflict at the Carrock is to reach the Carrock with threat below 34, Grimbeorn on your side, and a good bunch of other allies to lend a hand. If you make it to that position, taking down the trolls should be plain sailing.

Keep your threat low:

Heavy questing power:

  • This scenario is location heavy, so you need to be able to quest effectively to stop yourself from drowning in locations
  • Éowyn willpower alone is already about the average threat of the encounter deck, but Aragorn can lend a hand when needed, while using his ability to ready again in time for combat.
  • If can attach Unexpected Courage to Aragorn, so much the better
  • While you want to quest hard, you'll want to avoid reaching the Carrock too quickly. The Longbeard Map-Maker is ideal for this, allowing you to score exactly the amount of willpower you need after staging, as long as you have the resources to spare (Steward of Gondor , so you'll want to attach it to the same hero as has the Song of Wisdom
  • If you do find yourself surprised by a Brown Lands, that's the moment to play Secret Paths. Snowbourn Scout or Northern Tracker can be used to get it out of staging for next turn if you're unable to travel there.

You'll probably need to fight something:

  • This scenario is location heavy, but there are some tricky enemies in there too.
  • The allies in this deck aren't exactly combat specialists, and for the first few turns at least, your heroes will be the backbone of your combat strength.
  • Eleanor is your defender, with enough defense to take a hit from anything except a troll or warg. With Dúnedain Warning, even the Warg no longer poses a threat. Once you've got some other allies that can take hit or two though, it's best not to use Eleanor for every defense, since a Despair shadow card will spell instant death, and there's nothing in this deck to cancel that.
  • By the time you reach the Carrock, you can defend with Grimbeorn, and almost certainly do enough damage on the counter-attack to take out a troll per turn.

Honourable mentions:

  • Miner of the Iron Hills is obligatory for this scenario unless you want a hero stuck in a sack all game.
  • There's not much focus on card draw here, but Valiant Sacrifice and Lórien's Wealth provide just enough of a boost that you should generally have enough to work with.
  • When not being used as a defence bot, Eleanor can cancel out the problematic Frightened Beast treachery. She won't be much good for Roasted Slowly though, since she should be your first choice for a hero to be Sacked.
  • Steward of Gondor is a good choice for Aragorn, to get those resources in hand to bring Grimbeorn to your side as soon as he appears.
  • By the time you come to fight the trolls, you probably have enough allies in play to one-round a troll at a time. But if you need a helping hand, For Gondor! packs a serious punch when you're attacking with 7 or 8 allies in a single phase.

What to look for in a first hand:

  • With a starting threat of 28, this deck is very vulnerable to an early hill troll. Gandalf or The Galadhrim's Greeting can neutralise this by bringing your threat immediately down to a safe level.
  • Song of Wisdom will get you in a position to play Lore cards nice and early.