My little Pony - Friendship is magic

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Emmental 69

Emmental has a newer deck inspired by this one: My little Pony - Friendship is magic

Disclaimer : i just wanted to build another Aragorn/Roheryn/Elfelm deck. When i was looking for a fun name, everything went out of control.

My little pony because this deck has a lot of mounts (featuring Errand-rider and Westfold Horse-breeder for more horses).

And Friendship is magic.

Mane six (heroes)

Aragorn is Rainbow Dash, because he kills ennemies in 10 seconds flat (and he has two almost rainbow sphere access). Also he is the star of the deck, gets all the stuff to become 20% cooler.

Elfhelm is Applejack, can do a lot of work and defend some attacks. Also very supportive for his (her ?) friends thanks to his passive.

Glorfindel is Rarity. Magnificent hairs, love exploring remote caves to find gems.

Damrod is Fluttershy, greeny outfit and taking care of the wounded ones.

Gandalf is Pinkie Pie, of course. Getting in out of nowhere, gives random effects. Nah, it's a joke. True Pinkie is thain-Anborn, always happy to give some surprises back.

When all side quests are completed, "magic makes it all complete" and Thalion/Twilight Sparkle will become your sixth hero.

(Bonus note : Undómiel is literally Luna. So Faramir is the advice-giver Celestia. Both are distant teachers helping them but not intervening directly.)

The power of friendship

Collect the six (Guarded) elements of Harmony to unlock the power of friendship !

Also your starting heroes have 8 different Traits, so just make another friend and get all the friendship in Middle-Earthquestria !

Play with your friends ! Elfhelm's friendship power can help other players Vigilant Guard + Mithril Shirt will protect them too. And this deck don't even have a Steward of Gondor so they can keep theirs !


Oct 16, 2020 Emmental 69

Just realized that Secret Vigil is a condition and not a Trap. No threat reduction loop then... May have to remove Damrod and Anborn.

Oct 16, 2020 Emmental 69

-1 Damrod +1 Thurindir -2 Anborn +1 Gléowine +1 Woodmen's Clearing

Thurindir is Pinkie Pie surprizing you with side quests.

Thain-Gléowine is Fluttershy, singing and offering cards.

Gandalf is Discord, randomly popping out of nowhere with powerfull tricks.

Oct 16, 2020 AlasForCeleborn 242

Aw, I was hoping at least part of the deck write-up would imitate/parody the theme song. Oh, well. Love the deck, though personally I'd replace something like Warden of Arnor with Ring of Barahir so that Rainbow Dash can have all the colors of the rainbow.

On a more serious note, without Damrod you don't have any eligible targets for The Red Arrow. Unless you want to put Steward of Gondor or In Service of the Steward in, I'd advise cutting it for another The Free Peoples, as that plus Faramir will allow you to get out stupid amounts of (The Sonic Rainboom? It does inspire your friends...) Also, I'm wondering about the inclusion of Tighten Our Belts: how easy is it to get >= 2 resources from it? (Also, it's a bit of a thematic oddity, at least to me).

Oct 16, 2020 TritonWreck 157

Ironically this deck does not contain the one pony in the game: Hobbit Pony. Maybe replace Damrod with a Hobbit?

Oct 16, 2020 Sfrug 245

You mention Sword-thain in the write-up but it doesn't seem to be in the deck.

Oct 16, 2020 Sfrug 245

...since there don't seem to be any traps in the deck, why not swap out Damrod for either Bilbo Baggins (for card draw) or Bifur (for resource smoothing & slightly lower threat)?

Oct 16, 2020 Emmental 69

@TritonWreckThere is also Bill the Pony, but i can't find a way to use them properly, even with a hobbit hero.

The purpose of the deck is to use a buffed Aragorn to kill ennemys during the encounter phase, so i had to sacrifice some cards (looking at you too Wild Stallion and The Riddermark's Finest). :/

@AlasForCeleborn Tighten Our Belts was let from the start of the deck (i always put this event in my Bond of Friendship decks) but here the cards costs are limited (mostly 2 or less) so i could probably get rid of them. Parting Gifts could replace them, it would be very in-theme (but totally useless^^).

Ring of Barahir is a nice idea, as Aragorn can end up with 5 artifacts on him.