My little Pony - Friendship is magic

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Emmental 67

I used to wonder what Friendship could be

Until you all shared its magic with me

Big adventure

Rainbow Dash can kill ennemies in 10 seconds flat. She gets (slmost) rainbow sphere access (sadly, Celebrían's Stone is restricted so isn't in the deck).

In order to make her 20% cooler, put every attachment on her. This way sonic rainboom everything you engage, and probably also another ennemy thanks to Firefoot, Mighty Prowess and Durin's Axe.

Tons of fun

You will need to draw to get all these cards. That's where Pinkie pie enters. She can sing you some songs with her Minstrel trait, but don't make her sad : give her a Sword-thain, so she can be a hero like the rest of the squad!

A beautiful heart

Magnificent hairs ? Check. Exploring remote caves to find gems ? Check. That's 100% Rarity. The light of her horn will guide you in the dark.

Faithful and strong

Coming from Sweet Eastfold Acres, Applejack is the glue of the deck. She enables Rainbow dash to hit harder with Roheryn. Give her one horse and she will become a 3 defender, so you can always keep an ennemy with you in order to help him discover the power of frienship if you have some Secret Vigil is your hand.

Sharing kindness!

Isn't Fluttershy cute ? Well, Sméagol isn't, but he has some good in him. With kindness, you can tame him like Frodo did. But beware of the Stare when he flips over !

(Smeagol is a great hero for this deck : Low threat, build-in draw for the early game, and his drawbacks are not a problem : i have no place for songs, so he won't benefit from a mount. And if Gollums appear, just engage an ennemy with Aragorn and use Firefoot leftover damage to get Sméagol back. And he have a rather unique trait for The Free Peoples)

And magic makes it all complete

When three side quests are completed, Twilight Sparkle will become your sixth hero, fullfilling the harmony of the deck.

Do you know you're all my very best friends?

Who are the other unique allies of the deck ?

  • Zecora, to give you some advices on the future and a helpfull potion.
  • Discord can sometimes pop in, make something random and powerfull, then disapear
  • Luna and Celestia are keeping an eye on your heroes, not intervening directly but always supporting them.

The magic of friendship

Collect the six (Guarded) elements of Harmony to unlock the power of friendship !

Your starting heroes have 8 different Traits, so just make another friend and get all the friendship in Middle-Earthquestria !

Play with your friends ! Elfhelm's friendship power can help other players Vigilant Guard + Mithril Shirt will protect them too. And this deck don't even have a Steward of Gondor so they can keep theirs !

Side notes

Disclaimer : i just wanted to build another Aragorn/Roheryn/Elfelm deck. When i looked for a fun name, everything went out of control.