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Breaking of the Fellowship - Specialist Deck Series
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This deck is one of three that make up the Fellowship for Breaking of the Fellowship for my Specialist Deck Series.

There were two main inspirations behind the idea for this deck. The first, was that I needed to include Gandalf and Pippin to enable the entire Fellowship to be present for the quest. The second, was that This seemed like the correct opportunity to bring along the Fellowship contract.

That said, I don't have much experiance with the contract and I feel the deck wasn't built to take the best advantage it. What it does have is a lot of card draw and the cards are all pretty powerful in their own right.

Éowyn rounds out the heroes as I wanted to make sure of success in the quest phase. She also allows a starting threat of under 30 which is pretty great considering we also have Gandalf.

In general, the deck will primarily be questing, with some combat ability from Gandalf and a few of our allies. Even more so if we manage to flip the contract. The allies are a mix of cheap to get into play and allies with strong stats.

Then we have some toys for Gandalf as well as a plethora of card draw effects to find those unique allies we need.

The cards in detail: Fellowship - The restriction on this card is not a huge burden in deckbuilding, especially since unique allies tend to already be stronger than others. However, it's not so easy to fulfil the requirement if we don't build aggressively towards it, which we haven't here. Still, the trade-off is that if the contract does flip, our board will be incredibly strong.

Arwen Undómiel - Arwen fills many roles in our deck. She is a reasonably cheap unique ally, she is a decent quester and she enables defending with sentinel, which is a huge help in this quest.

Bilbo Baggins - If we are lucky, Bilbo can search us up our one copy of Wizard Pipe, but otherwise he is another efficient quester.

Elladan - Elladan is one of the cards we hope to pay off in a big way once we get Fellowship to side B. In ideal conditions, he can quest for 4 , ready in engagement and then attack for 4 .

Elrohir - We'll always take them in pairs. These two allies are decent enough in this quest with their action advantage and we hope that the contract pushes them even more.

Elrond - Possibly not the most conventional choice with this contract since he doesn't stick around. However, even if he enables it for a single turn that could have a big impact while we wait to draw more allies. He's also key for his ability, since this is the only way we can deal with Fallen Into Evil once it's in play.

Glorfindel - Quite simply one of the best allies in the game. We hope our hand will be full of cards so we can use his ability easily, and this can pay off in a big way once the contract is flipped. He's not the easiest to play due to his cost, which is one of the reasons we have enough allies to do so without him. Nonetheless, we'llbe very happy once he does make it into play.

Ioreth - Ioreth is one of the few healing options among the three decks, but more importantly she is a free unique ally.

Quickbeam - Quickbeam is already an incredibly strong ally for his cost, the contract just makes him amazing.

Expert Treasure-hunter - This is an easy include in a deck with Gandalf, and one of the ways we hope to draw into our allies. Depending on the board state, we might consider playing the second copy on a hero from another deck, but it won't be quite as effective.

Fast Hitch - Despite having Pippin, this is included primarily for the benefit of the Aragorn deck. Rosie, Merry and Sam could all use one (or more) of these.

Gandalf's Staff - One of the best things about bringing Gandalf hero is the opportunity to use some great attachments like this. We are lacking resource acceleration, so that's probably the mode we want to use most of the time, although we will always be happy to discard a crucial shadow card too.

Narya - One of my favourite cards, it just has so many applications. The ability to use it on any ally is great in this quest and between the decks there are a lot of strong and expensive allies to choose from.

Shadowfax - The applications for Shadowfax are immense in this quest. Readying will always be useful for Gandalf and contributing his and around the board is huge.

Unexpected Courage - We can never have too many readying effects. We might consider also playing on Gandalf, especially if he doesn't have Shadowfax yet. However, this could just as easily go on another deck's heroes, such as Haldir of Lórien or Aragorn.

Wizard Pipe - A really handy tool in Gandalf's kit. Even better if we can search it up with Bilbo. Uses include optimizing the use of Gandalf's resources, swapping an event to the top to play outside the planning phase or shuffling a card away with Drinking Song.

A Test of Will - Never a bad card to bring along, this time we have a really obvious target in Fallen Into Evil, but there are severak other effects worth cancelling too.

Daeron's Runes - Always a good card, even better if we can play it from the top of our deck with Gandalf. Good card draw is key to getting enough allies for our contract.

Drinking Song - In a deck like this, Drinking Song might be the best possible card draw effect as it allows us to see so many new cards. It's even better alongisde so much other card draw.

Elrond's Counsel - As with the others, free events are excellent in a deck with Gandalf. We do want to keep our threat manageable since it will let Pippin keep using his ability. We'll always be happy for the boost too. Unusually, we don't have any Noldor heroes for playing this, but since it works with so many of our allies (13 cards) we shouldn't have any issues.