Beorn's Fury and Protectors (D2)

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Beorn's Fury and Protectors
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JYoder 305

Each deck has 3 Test of Wills and 3 Unexpected Courages (use proxies in one) making them quite potent. Light of Valinor is in other deck, so different option here for Círdan further down.

I usually mulligan for Silver Harp to keep the card draw flowing (I only ever put one in play) letting you either keep both cards Círdan draws each turn, or get a free resource via Arwen to always put on Círdan. Discard Elven-light when possible to play later.

When you get Narya and Heir of Mardil on Círdan, the fun begins as Círdan quests, Arwen gives him a resource, he readies, and is poised to ready two allies via Narya. My favorite ally to do it with is Legolas in the deck after he's killed an enemy, as he can kill a second with 4 , enabling the other deck to draw 2 cards. If you must engage, readying Northern Trackers and/or Rhovanion Outriders is effective, making them 3 each.

Beregond is main defender for both decks with 2-3 Unexpected Courage, Steward of Gondor (and/or The Day's Rising), and use Desperate Defense when needed. Beorn is backup (and/or early game) defender. One copy of Fortune or Fate is here as backup, but see how that decks handles Beorn, as it's rare to lose him.

Linhir Sea-captain or a spare Unexpected Courage can also work for Círdan if needed. Lower your threat with Elrond's Counsel to get it below the other deck so it engages more.

Solid location control, and surge quests aid Lanwyn in attacking enemies with other deck. Though once you get enough in play, she no longer needs to quest. If more threat control is needed, include Well Warned, to play on either deck. Shadows Give Way destroys some quests.

The only healing for both decks are Dúnedain Remedy, and only for heroes, though it's been enough as many direct damage against allies comes from treachery, which can cancel, or simply prevent via Honour Guard. Swap in Power of Orthanc if ever need to remove conditions.