Bilbo to Hirluin- '"Build me an army worthy of Bag End"

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Gallie_ak 10

*Cards up to the Assault on Osgiliath

General Concept: I built this deck because I wanted to build a deck with Bilbo Baggins. I listened to some podcasts (Ninth Nazgul) and really loved their content. At a few points, they make their somewhat negative feelings towards Bilbo Baggins, Outlands and Secrecy known. Being in a contrarian mood, I thought; 'why not make a deck with all three?' And here we have it.

The basic idea is to make maximum use of the available secrecy cards in the early game to manipulate the threat deck, accelerate resource generation and get powerful allies out (on the cheap if possible).

Mulligan for: Timely Aid, Resourceful, Risk Some Light

Mulligan OUT: High-cost allies,Grim Resolve

Try to:

-Stack resource generation onto Hirluin in the early game so the gam get allies out quickly when threat starts forcing engagements.

-In the early game, make use of Gandalf's card draw if you have him with a copy of Sneak Attack to make the maximum use out of secrecy discounts. You are drawing for Timely Aid in the hope of getting Faramir, Denethor, Gildor Inglorion or Erestor.

This is far from the most powerful deck I have played and it can be pretty swingy. However, if played well and with a dash of luck you can become very formidable very quickly.

*edits Steward, Gandalf, Sneak Attack and Dearons Runes (x3) in, Celebiran's Stone, Faramir and Protector of Lorien out


Nov 25, 2021 doomguard 1104

would optimize a little bit:

either needful+risk each 3 OR out of the wild 3 times. both halfway seems not effective for me.

if going for Out of the Wild (and discard needful +risk) i would add 3 Daeron's Runes or Drinking Song

would discard song of kings and add 2. steward.

add a 3. gandalf and 3. sneack discard protector and 1 faramir or denethor or celebrians stone.

Nov 25, 2021 Gallie_ak 10

Thanks for sharing your ideas, they make a lot of sense to me.

I think I will swap in another Steward, Gandalf and Sneak Attack for a Faramir, Celebiran and Protector. I have Celebrien and Protector in to try to get something out of Bilbo, but I agree that focusing on what the deck aims to do makes more sense.

Think I am going to keep the Risk and Out of the Wild. Risk some light is in there more for its threat reduction than its scrying. Out of the Wild does something quite different and remains a bargain when in secrecy.

I understand why you would get shot of Song of Kings, but I’m hesitant. I worry about being able to afford Grim Resolve, Timely Aid and Men of the West in the late game without it and Good Meal. That combo came off when I was trying the deck out and made for a comfortable end.

Daeron’s Runes are always good it seems. In fact, I can’t think of a time that wouldn’t be useful, even if they bring the deck to 53. I’m not sure why they are not there already.

Its great that experienced players are still on here giving advice to the newer players. I look forward to changing this up and seeing how it goes (an if I regret not following more of your advice…).

Nov 25, 2021 doomguard 1104

in fact, Daeron's Runes has a weakness if going to 53 that "can" occur even in your situation. it lowers the density of allies, what is not good for Timely Aid (and if used A Very Good Tale that you are using not ;) ) but i think in your situation reducing the density of allies from 25/50= 50% to 25/53= 47,2 % is o.k.

Nov 26, 2021 Gallie_ak 10

Oh yea, good point about Daeron's Runes watering down my Timely Aid chances. Making things worse, it is making 'Taking Initiative' less effective as well (going from 15 'misses' to 18 'misses'). I think that is why I didn't have them in there in the first place, which I forgot when I wrote my reply. I think I will just leave them out.

For A Very Good Tale unfortunately I don't have that card in my collection yet, but it would be a good fit for the deck if I did.