Fury of the Moriquendi

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The Firstborn of Illuvatar
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MDuckworth83 3054

This is my most successful iteration of a combat focused Silvan deck. In case you are wondering the "Moriquendi" is Tolkien's collective name for the "Elves of the Dark" of which the Silvan and Sindar were counted. It is meant to be played as a compliment to my "Light of the Caliquendi" deck in my "The Firstborn of Illuvatar" fellowship.

The core of the deck is the base Sylvan mechanic of playing cheap allies, bouncing them back to your hand through 0 cost events, and then playing them again. The key cards to get the engine going are O Lórien!, Galadhrim Minstrel, and The Tree People, and these are the cards that you want to mulligan for. O Lórien! ensures that you can start playing most of your Silvan allies from turn 1, while Galadhrim Minstrel helps to find your 0 cost events that allow you to recur them to your hand and play them multiple times. The Tree People greatly accelerates allies coming into play, and can be used tactically to replace exhausted allies with ready allies in different phases... all of course buffed by Celeborn. A Good Harvest, as always, is a good tri-sphere fallback card to get the engine going if you don't see O Lórien! immediately, and A Very Good Tale is an "extremely" effective way to multiply allies coming into play mid game.

This deck is primarily focused on combat, and Haldir of Lórien is the central player in this endeavor. Once loaded up with Rivendell Blade and Bow of the Galadhrim, he can demolish most things in the staging area or enemies that engage other players before even they even get to attack....effectively a ranged Quick Strike. Black Arrow is the one time nuclear option, and for conventional ranged and normal combat, Legolas is a powerful support. Between Haldir of Lórien and Legolas, many enemies can be destroyed on turn one.

Galadhon Archer and Silverlode Archer both support Haldir of Lórien's program in addition to Legolas, and the Mirkwood Runner is good for shanking "lite" enemies that get through....especially when buffed by Celeborn to 3 . When equipt with Rivendell Bow, he can "shank" weenies across the table. Rúmil, Galadhon Archer, and Pursuing the Enemy all supplement with direct damage. Altogether, this deck is one of the most lethal I have ever made in combat.

Defense is primarily either avoiding engagement or chump blocking until you can get Defender of the Naith into play. Defender of the Naith has "sentinel" and becomes a pretty effective defender for both decks once equipt with a Cloak of Lórien, and has built in readying from the Silvan mechanic. This allows for multiple uses on both sides of the table during well planned combat phases. Silvan Tracker and Galadhrim Healer support defense with healing, and Celeborn with a Protector of Lórien can serve in a pinch or against a particular big attack.

Hope you enjoy murdering things with this deck as much as I have it, it's one of my favorites.