Erestory Time

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Seastan 41990

A deck focused around Erestor and A Very Good Tale (AVGT).

This was my favorite deck to play out of the ones I brought to Con of the Rings 2022. It can often get out 40-50 resources of cards by round 3 and still be in secrecy, thanks to Erestor's massive draw helping you find and play many copies of AVGT.


Grab Song of Kings with The Grey Wanderer. This deck is friendly to play alongside other GW decks because it doesn't run the vastly more popular Strider.

Now that you start with both a and icon, you can try to get an opening hand which will allow you to start pumping out allies. To do this, mulligan for Steward of Gondor, Elven Jeweler, and/or A Very Good Tale. A opening hand containing Drinking Song is also good, because after you play one of your key cards, like Steward, you can shuffle the rest back and look for some Jewelers or A Very Good Tale.

Discard some high cost cards from your opening hand to get Elven Jeweler into play for free. Then you can exhause The Grey Wanderer and pay for an ally outright with Erestor's 3 resources, or play A Lesson in Caution to play a 4-coster. Then play A Very Good Tale and get out 2 more allies.

Sometimes you might be in a situation where you have a Jeweler and another cheap ally out, and the best you can do is AVGT into a single big ally. If you have another AVGT in hand, what you can do is wait for the refresh phase, and use the Jeweler with the big ally to AVGT again before Erestor forces you to discard it.

With Steward out early, Erestor will be generating 5 resources a round, so you'll be able to play a big ally each round on top of whatever you're AVGTing into.

There's only one copy of Will of the West (WotW) in here, but experience has shown that it's plenty. You will likely never burn through your deck twice unless you are playing some absurdly long quest, but even then you should be able to coast on your fully setup board state for a long time. If you happen to discard your WotW during AVGT (or via Soldier of Erebor), you can play Ered Nimrais Prospector (or choose it when it comes up in AVGT) to get it back into your deck.

The rest of the game is fairly straightforward. Overcome the encounter deck with massive amounts of stats!


Nov 03, 2022 doomguard 1955

i have added the DĂșnedain Wanderer to the mix for such kind of decks (and Resourceful specially if the steward is needed elsewhere). they are great for a very good tale and cost only 2. if you do not get 2 Timely Aid first round a good option.

Nov 03, 2022 NERD 802

While it would decrease the amount of allies, would Send for Aid be worthwhile or Gather Information? I would boost Thalion while finding key cards or bringing in other big allies. Also, is Knight of Dale worthwhile in the deck. Would Robin Smallburrow (for Drinking Song) and more Loyal Hounds be better. Also, I think a single off-sphere ally (maybe Jubayr?) would probably be worthwhile, as you have no shadow cancelation and few defenders.

Nov 03, 2022 batman 96

Played this deck on Journey along the Anduin, Finished on the 6th round with 16 threats and 10+ allies in play. It's absurd and I hate this deck for breaking the game :). No particular combo to look for. Just play the events you draw and be done with it.

Nov 03, 2022 Seastan 41990

@doomguard Good call on the Wanderer, I might drop 1 Loyal Hound and 1 Thalin for 2 of those. Resourceful is a good in the sideboard if someone takes Steward, but otherwise it's overkill I think.

@NERD This deck pumps out allies so fast that Send for Aid seems like a lot of work just to get one more out. I'd rather run Gather Info and grab another AVGT. The problem is the deck starts with just Erestor's 2 and no Strider, so you aren't going to be completing that sidequest unless you've already gotten set up well.

@batman Haha!

Nov 08, 2022 Mr. Tom 1

Great Deck, i love it! Just one question: Is the only purpose for Rosie Cotton to get the extra card from drinking song or to buff a friends Hobbit Deck? Otherwise i cant see any use for her

Nov 08, 2022 NERD 802

I am pretty sure Rosie Cotton is included for the good cost-to-willpower ratio. However, she does help with Drinking Song. Robin Smallburrow would be similarly good. Overall, she serves the same purpose as Angbor the Fearless.

Nov 09, 2022 Mr. Tom 1

@NERD Oh true, i was just to focused on her powerful action, then seeing her as just a solid 2-willpower ally. Thanks! I think i like Robin Smallburrow more, so a friend with a hobbit deck can use her ability.

Nov 09, 2022 NERD 802

@Mr. Tom In that case, Rosie Cotton would probably be better as you could trigger her ability on the friend's heroes.