The Counsel of Gildor

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Seastan 37128

Designed exclusively for 3-4 players, this is one of the most powerful multiplayer decks I've ever played. I have never lost a game with it, even against insane multiplayer quests like Blood of Gondor.

The deck typically plays at least 2 copies of Gildor's Counsel every round at minimum (including the first). If the draw is favorable, I've been able to play 2 copies on the first turn, and 3 copies every turn thereafter.

Unsurprisingly, it's easy to win a 4-player game when you are only revealing 1 or 2 encounter cards a round.


With 4 heroes, you now have a number of factors that help you draw tons of cards:

Next steps:

With all the doomed cards, players might be getting close to threating out by the end of turn 1 or 2. This is how you handle that:

  • Play Song of Travel (you can use Bartering+Scroll of Isildur if you want to save a resource here)
  • In the refresh phase, reset your own threat with Aragorn if needed
  • In the same refresh phase, pass Aragorn with Desperate Alliance to the player using that is closest to threating out. That player resets their own threat.
  • Next round, do it again for third player using your second Desperate Alliance.
  • To reset the 4th player's threat, you will need to wait until you play Will of the West to get the Desperate Alliances back into your deck. This normally isn't a problem, because there's often one player that had a lower starting threat and can afford to wait.

When you are fully exhausted of Gildor's Counsel and Scroll of Isildur, use Will of the West to shuffle everything back in and start again. You should be able to play Gildor's Counsel 9 more times after the reshuffle, which is 3 more rounds of a 4-player game only revealing 1 card a round, which in my experience has always been enough to seal the game. Don't forget that the other players have received a ton of cards and resources from all your doomed cards as well.

Since you'll only be revealing a handful of cards all game, Scout Ahead can be used to plan out almost all your reveals for the entire game.

Fatty Bolger was chosen here for his low starting threat, his Hobbit trait (for Drinking Song and Good Meal), and for his ability to shut down an enemy on one of the turns for a pseudo-Gildor's Counsel, which can help on the first round when you only managed to play 2 copies. But if you don't have ALeP content, the deck still works just as well with (MotK) Robin Smallburrow or (MotK) Gaffer Gamgee.


Nov 17, 2022 ahez20 41

So is it because Aragorn’s card does not say “Limit once per game for the group” that you can use him multiple times? The limit once per game is for each person?

Nov 17, 2022 Seastan 37128

@ahez20 Correct!

Nov 17, 2022 NERD 574

An absolute masterpiece as always! Thanks for keeping this game alive (or dead after you exploit it)

Nov 18, 2022 Marctimmins89 38

I thought I was clever when I worked out how to lower the cost of a single Gildor's Counsel with Good Meal. Amazing.

Nov 18, 2022 NERD 574

Is this deck able to beat Nightmare Dol Guldor, or does the capturing of your heroes stop this?

Nov 18, 2022 Seastan 37128

@NERD It would work as long as you aren't the player with the captured hero. So it would virtually guarantee a win at least 33% of the time in 3 player, and at least 25% of the time in 4 player. Not bad, but four Bond of Friendship decks would likely have a higher win rate against this quest.

Nov 18, 2022 NERD 574

Ok, that's still good

Jan 22, 2023 Thorongil 1

Thank you. I, and my children, have enjoyed playing with this deck. As a third deck, it made Flight of the Stormcaller and The Thing in the Depths quite easy. (My play style is very defensive, and I would not be playing doomed cards without @Seastan's recommendation.)