Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something

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Card Talk 1032

I am always shocked when I find a hero combination that isn't used on RingsDB. I also feel that (MotK) Firyal gets all the glory. Of course, that doesn't mean that other allies don't make good, or even great, MOTK heros. And I was feeling like I wanted to build a mono deck that could handle some general quests in the game. So, I went with one of the oldest OP heroes in the game, Glorfindel. Coupled with the relatively new Messenger of the King contract and Jubayr, we now have all but the "something borrowed" in the deck title.

There isn't much to say about piloting this deck. It's not tricky. You don't even really have to mulligan for Light of Valinor. Just play allies when you can. Play the events when you need them, and voila! it comes together nicely.

The details are pretty straightforward. Light of Valinor and Unexpected Courage go on Glorfindel first. Then, try to get some questing characters out. Just whatever you have in your hand. And then quest for a bunch.

But the real inspiration of this deck is using Ride Them Down as my "kill the big, bad guy" trick. In playing a few test scenarios, I was able to use Ride Them Down to great effect with the high this deck generates. The Hill Troll was toast, Ghulat was done, and some of the orcs in Into the Pit were really no match for this deck. And the deck isn't fast really, but it is fun.

I'm sure there are a few substitutions you could make. Cards like Valiant Determination seem to never get in a deck. For this deck, it's nice to have extra actions for allies since is this deck's weakness. The Necklace of Girion is nice for it's extra resource since a few allies cost four, and the extra is helpful to help boost Ride Them Down. So those cards could be substituted for other, more situational cards. Maybe a Gandalf or Tale of Tinúviel would be better?



Nov 23, 2022 NERD 522

Nice idea and deck. It isn't that hard to find new hero combinations if you just avoid the overused cards, such as Arwen Undómiel and Glorfindel.

Nov 23, 2022 doomguard 1422

i think, (MotK) Jubayr makes it rarely to light, because there is Beregond or even Fastred, both with Inner Strength are better than him and you can still use a contract for other shenanigans.

Valiant Determination is an average of 2 willpower more for 1 card 2 res. there are many other (and better) ways to get that. the ally who really profit from extra-action, have it inbuild (Gandalf) or other possibilities for readying Glorfindel

Nov 23, 2022 Card Talk 1032

@NERD I love your sense of humor.

@doomguard. I know there are better options for both defending and for will power boost, but Valiant Determination has a place in the card pool and this maybe a better option for it. The card allows for some flexibility by letting allies stay ready and most boost is for heroes, like Silver Circlet. By having some flexibility in how much you send to the quest, you can be a little more precise with your .

I do agree with both of your analyses, though.

Nov 23, 2022 Raiderjakk 45

Classic deck. Thanks for sharing!