Dernière alliance des elfes (avec Istaris)

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Elves and Istaris (turbo Gandalf)
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Kaspatou 188

Attempt to use Open the Gates with Gandalf.

For that you necessarily need Radagast and Saruman heroes and the contract At the End of All Things + the sphere :D (we need Sneak Attack too)

Saruman makes great use of Horns! Horns! Horns! so we have plenty of ways to bring Gandalf into play. This idea needs a lot of important cards so we also have Word of Command x3. It's not a problem with Saruman to ready him.

The deck has 9 events that bring Gandalf into play and give it back to us.

At the End of the all things implies a resource issue so we have Radagast's Staff to pay creatures for cheap.

I play two so to complete this deck I needed a threat drop of 1 (because of Saruman) + Imladris Stargazer since the effect of Open the gates is random.

So I thought of Galadriel and her Galadriel's Handmaiden as well as sylvans who have a nice game arrival effect (for Horns! Horns! Horns!). With Host of Galadhrim even Saruman has no problem with threat. Imladris Stargazer is Noldor so why not The Last Alliance. Elrond is cool to keep the Steward of Gondor and pay allies. Celeborn is obvious in Sylvans.

With The Last Alliance, you can boost the Noldors with Celeborn, reduce the cost of the Noldors with O Lórien!, bring in expensive Noldors with The Tree People...

Don't hesitate if you have any suggestions!

It's fun to play, enjoy !