beren and luthien at the end of all things

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doomguard 1626

or how to make At the End of All Things effective.

what means effective:

  • to me it means it is better (or equal) than a 3.rd hero with thread of about 8
  • better (or equal) than 1 of the 2 with The Grey Wanderer
  • make a strategy possible, that is not possible otherwise
  • in best case it fits theme very well (some people would think this is the most important point, i try to let all points be part of my ideas)

this is the one i think fits the most all together. (the other 2 you can see bundled as fellowship here: )

if playing with The One Ring put in on aragorn and depending on szenario choose Inner Strength or Strength and Courage as startingringcard.

how to play

  • you start with extraordinaire stats, aragorn: 3/4/3/6 and arwen: 4/2/3/4 that gives room to use the contract every round until flipping. they quest for 7 from the start what is good for solo.
  • with this good stats multiple actions are king, Unexpected Courage is playable from the start because of the contract
  • you cannot gain res by attachments, but Arwen Undómiels ability is no attachment, huge benefit for this situation
  • try to give aragorn weapon and shield, or the Raiment of War, the extra hp are good and can also be used to ready her
  • when contract flipps, give aragorn Thorongil and choose (in most cases) Aragorn for healing (Warden of Healing ) and threadreduction, specially if using the The One Ring
  • Ring of Barahir can also give Aragorn lore-sphere and is good combined with Dagger of Westernesse
  • Warden of Healing could also be put into play with discard by Arwen Undómiel and use of Stand and Fight
  • specially in multiplayer, try to get the Rhovanion Outrider out locations are more the problem the more players are there
  • be aware of the fact, that you can use the Warden of Healing moreoften with ressourses after flipping. so do not worry to much about getting wounds before, endure to flipping and then heal
  • you have 3 Tale of Tinúviel play them wisely, with them Aragorn can possibly kill trolls and nazguls

this deck starts with thread of 29 so even troll related szenarious should be doable, reduce with Elrond's Counsel and Galadriel's Handmaiden and get them one by one


Mar 08, 2023 Turgon 527

What about adding Elendilmir? Then you could do Arwen's ability twice per round....

Mar 08, 2023 doomguard 1626

attach it to arwen needs regulary handling of guarded, and thats to much early in the game. getting it after flippin it is winmore.