Forth Eorlingas! Solo

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Seastan's Single Core Set Solo 535 429 47 2.0
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Hunting Gollum Solo 0 0 0 1.0
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Khelben_Arunsun 4

Khelben_Arunsun has a newer deck inspired by this one: Hunting Gollum Solo

A twist in Seastan Core Set Solo, without 4 allies and with more acessories and events. Tested against Passage Through Mirkwood and Journey Down the Anduin. I will see how it works against Escape from Dol Guldur.

All the sinergies are well explained in Seastan´s deck, but basically:


You put Éowyn and Théodred to quest, and try to use Beravor to draw cards each turn. If not possible, Beravor has good defense stats. The extra resource of Théodred goes to Éowyn, almost always. But you can let it with Théodred, with you have Faramir in hands.


Discard Beorn to boost Éowyn action, and bring him back to the game with Stand and Fight. Use Henamarth Riversong ability in the end of the turn, to take a look at what will appear in the next quest, and be more prepared. Northern Tracker and Snowbourn Scout are good to help with the locations. Put Miner of the Iron Hills in game only when a bad condition hit one of your heroes. If you are not having trouble with monsters, use Gléowine ability to draw more cards (something necessary in this deck). Faramir (together with Beorn and Henamarth Riversong) form the power trio of the deck. He can boost your heroes and allies in the quest and, if needed, is a solid atacker/defender. Gandalf is a solid target of Sneak Attack, always.


Forest Snare is a great resource against the Hill Troll, Ungoliant´s Spawn and other nasty creatures. In the Journey Down the Anduin quest, it´s important that it and/or The Galadhrim's Greeting came in the first hand. I have issues with Self Preservation. It´s an expensive card from , and I need that Beravor resources are better used. I will mantain it for a while, until I have some new cards from the first expansions. Steward of Gondor goes to Éowyn. We need to give her a lot of resources, so she can bring Beorn, Gandalf and other expensive cards in game. The Favor of the Lady goes to Éowyn or Théodred, to boost the quests. Unexpected Courage goes to Beravor, so she can go to the quests, or help in the defense, if you have trouble to draw allies.


All are self explained, no need to develop further, here.