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Mad Morderan 110

The Lady of Lothlórien has spoken...and Haldir goes forth with an elite force of silvan elves....This is my thematic deck containing only silvan characters, especially Haldir's brother Rúmil. Fun fact, Orophin is his brother too, but I couldn't fit him in easily since he is in the sphere. It's a lot of fun, full of shenanigans, and it has gotten me through many a scenario both solo and multiplayer. And I love the theme that Galadriel sends out an army of wood elves to get stuff done with their leader Haldir. Then they drive the enemy crazy by leading them on merry chases and pelting them full of arrows before they even find anyone to engage. The trick is to get Song of Battle and/or The Storm Comes into play ASAP so you can play your cards/allies and attachments. But even without these to start, A Good Harvest, Heed the Dream, Gather Information, and Mithrandir's Advice will all help you get them.

Most of the shenanigans center around The Tree People, which by pulling a silvan ally back into your hand triggers both the "leave play" effects and the "when played" effects that a lot of these cards have. Scroll of Isildur is used to do this trick even more, but it can also be used for a variety of other effects depending on what your needs are. Remember that Scroll of Isildur not only triggers the effect of the card, but then puts it back into your deck (on the bottom). That means you could potentially play a single event 3 times from your hand, then 3 more times using Scroll of Isildur, then 3 more times after that since it gets put back into your deck. That's 9 times! And with all the constant shuffling, putting it to the bottom of your deck is no problem.

Experienced players will already see how to use this, but for everyone else I'll give some hints. For example, you wait until you are attacked, use either Defender of the Naith or Silvan Tracker (either one buffed with Cloak of Lórien) to defend, then play The Tree People and pull a cheap Silvan ally like Henamarth Riversong into hand to hopefully drop a high cost Silvan ally like Galadhon Archer, or Marksman of Lórien into play, which triggers their damage-causing abilities. You can also meat-shield one of your cheap allies like Henamarth Riversong if you don't have The Tree People handy for the same effect, then use Haldir and any available friends for attacking. Dropping Rúmil like this is really devastating because your heroes already have 2 ranged characters, plus Rúmil himself and some other archers you can dish out 3-6 damage just for playing him. All that for 0 resource cost.

Galadhon Archer, Galadhrim Minstrel, Rúmil, and Marksman of Lórien all have effects that trigger when you play them, and Horn of Gondor and Defender of the Naith both have effects that trigger when someone leaves, so every time you play The Tree People, you can potentially trigger all this stuff at once.

Having several Defender of the Naiths in play means you can defend against a huge number of enemies (and they have sentinel too): first defend with them all, then play The Tree People and pull a cheap ally back into your hand (doesn't matter if they're exhausted already, which makes Henamarth Riversong perfect for it), to ready all the Defender of the Naiths for more action (and it triggers the Horn of Gondor for more resources).

As you can see, your main quester will be Mirlonde, Galadhrim Minstrels, and sometimes Silvan Trackers and Henamarth Riversong. I usually keep Argalad ready during the questing phase since he can use his ability on any enemies that show up (or are still there) to reduce their threat and possibly damage them, too. But if you need to make more progress or get rid of pesky locations, put Protector of Lórien onto Mirlonde to discard The Evening Star (which improves her ) until the final one you play gets maximum effect for only 2 resources, then of course play Scroll of Isildur to keep doing it! With 2 copies of The Evening Star in your discard pile, you get 6 progress each time you play the final one, and Scroll of Isildur can help you do it over and over.

Need card draw? Use Mithrandir's Advice and (again) Scroll of Isildur for tons of cards. And don't forget Legolas pulls a card every time you kill something with him. And why wouldn't you? He's freaking Legolas! If you need a particular card like The Tree People or Song of Battle, use Heed the Dream or Gather Information to get them, which of course can be played again with good old Scroll of Isildur.

Need healing? No you don't, you've got Silvan Trackers! They heal everybody in your deck every round, and if she has a Cloak of Lórien she's hard to kill because she heals every round. Add in Galadhrim Healer or Daughter of the Nimrodel from your side board for multi-play action to help with your buddies, though (or use Elf-friend on someone to have your Silvan Trackers heal them every round).

Need to kill the staging area? Give Haldir of Lórien and Argalad Bow of the Galadhrim, along with Galadhon Archers milled in and out of your deck to wear down all sorts of stuff. Put Rivendell Blade on Haldir of Lórien to make him deadly. I once used this gang to kill a Corsair ship in the staging area during one of the Dream Chaser adventures. It was fun, and thematic--if Legolas can shoot down a Fell Beast in the Fellowship of the Ring, four silvan archers can take down a small ship!

Overall it's a pretty quick deck, has tons of options, has a low starting threat so you can turtle for a round or two while you build up elves, scrolls, songs, and war-gear. Usually about mid-game I have a ton of cards or allies and I am nearly overwhelmed with how many options I have--never a bad thing!

Hope you like this one--give it a try and let me know what you think.