Rohan Hunting Party

Mythik 161


A fun, all Rohan fellowship where both decks use the Forth, The Three Hunters! contract. The first deck tries to take all the enemies and kill them, and the second deck provides most of the defensive capability.

Erkenbrand and Elfhelm are your primary defenders - try to get Armored Destrier's on both early if possible. Once you can cover all your defenses comfortably, Théoden and Dúnhere can kill enemies at their leisure.

Questing is handled primarily by Éowyn and any willpower bonuses you can get her, and then usually Elfhelm with Snowmane, Théoden with Unexpected Courage or Magic Ring will help out, and then anyone once the contract flips with Steed of the Mark. I try not to put Snowmane on Théoden so it counts as a restricted attachment to flip the contract, but if I already have sufficient restricted attachments in place then Théoden is the best target for it.

Starting threat on both decks is quite low, so underquesting to kill any starting enemies is viable, because you can pick up that slack once the contract flips. If necessary though you can quest for 10 with just Théoden, Elfhelm, and Éowyn without any cards, and if necessary either Dúnhere or Fastred with a mount can add 2 each.

There isn't a huge amount of card draw in either deck, but since all you're usually looking for is just enough restricted attachments to flip the contract, it's all it needs to be. Healing is covered by the contract, and don't be afraid to take early undefended attacks - hopefully with the shadow being discarded by a Destrier - knowing you can heal them later if it means killing enemies early.

Fastred is a bit of an odd hero in this lineup, as he's really just a Rohan hero I wished had more willpower rather than being used for his ability. Although it did come in handy sometimes to throw things back to staging for Dúnhere to kill or even just for the other deck to re-engage, if you're playing with ALeP cards Thengel is probably going to be a better pick most of the time as he actually has some willpower from the start.

Some preferential card targets for the restricted attachments:

Overall it's a fun, fairly resilient fellowship that gets as close to feeling like a mounted hunting party thundering down enemies as I've felt playing the game.