Run through Ithilien!


This a specific 4 players Fellowship to win Into Ithilien in 3/4 rounds.

The idea is to quest with almost everything in all the main stages, engaging all the enemies you can after stage 3, for the final push to Cair Andros in the stage 4.

Stage 1 (Battle Keyword): quest with almost 40 points (use Éowyn ability plus Vassal of the Windlordand all the heroes) to clear Stage 1 in the first round. Keep Celador alive cancelling all the treachery with Eleanor / A Test of Will and reach stage 3, without engaging enemies.

Stage 3: quest with almost 30 points with allies and boosting tactics heroes (thanks to Théoden ability). This stage may require one or two rounds, depending on staging area and allies you are able to send to the quest. When you pass the stage 3, engage all the enemies you can, defending with Unexpected Courage Beregond / Beorn, cheap block (Vassal of the Windlord, which are no more useful), Feint.

Stage 4 (Usually Siege keyword): quest with everything, especially with Winged Guardian, Beregond, Defender of Rammas

General notes:

Thalin kills the Forest Bat

Swift Strike + Thalin + Gondorian Spearman + Spear of the Citadel is useful to insta-kill enemies before resolving attacks (in particular Haradrim Elite revealed in the staging area).

A Test of Will and Eleanor will take care of the really nasty treacheries that will hit you: use Dwarven Tomb to redraw A Test of Will and never commit Eleanor to the quest. Cancel shadow effect with Hasty Stroke.

Envoy of Pelargir will help to spread resources to all the players, where needed.

Eagles will help for Battle and Siege Keyword, do no use them to attack or defend.

Westfold Outrider and Wait no Longer will help to clear the staging area for the last push.

Gondorian Shield will go on Beregond, Imrahil, Eleanor

Other allies and Stand and Fight are there to increase your board state and to absorb archery damage.

Successful run at this link (sorry for the Italian).