Zombie Folco 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Durins_Father 1342

Zombies don't go down easy, time for a second version of this deck. V2

The hero line-up has changed a little to make this a mono Hobbit deck. Using Bilbo Baggins as the third hero, allows you to play Barliman Butterbur and lets you mix and match attachments like Fast Hitch and Good Meal more easily on heroes.

The idea of the deck remains the same, discard Folco Boffin at some point during the early game to drop back into secrecy. Then you can return him to the table with The Houses of Healing. This lets you play your events for free with Leaf Brooch in Secrecy.

From playtesting and advice from fellow testers, I removed some Resource acceleration, and moved in some more Card draw. Bilbo Baggins, Peace, and Thought, and Mithrandir's Advice will help you fuel Protector of Lórien or just keep them in your hand. When discarding cards, keep in mind that you can return cards with Erebor Hammersmith for attachments, and Scroll of Isildur with events.

Barliman Butterbur will be able to take on any damage that gets taken undefended, try and boost him with Ent Draught to make sure he doesn't die. Other defences can be defended by Bilbo Baggins with Ent Draught, A Burning Brand and Protector of Lórien. You can even get multiple defences out of him with Fast Hitch.

This still is no power deck, but I do like my Mono decks. Removing some terrible cards from the encounter deck can really help in the long run.


First deck of the new year has me rebuilding one of my favourite archetypes in the game at the moment, Victory Display shenanigans. With the new Folco Boffin you can assure that you start well below the Secrecy threshold at any given point. However, this does leave you with a Hero in your discard pile. Lets resolve that by using the under-used The Houses of Healing that has been out for over a year now.

Most spheres nowadays have a Hero recursion effect (except Leadership), but those effects are expensive (Landroval and Fortune or Fate. However, there are a couple of neat tricks that can be used to lower the cost of The Houses of Healing to bring Folco back from the dead after you have discarded him. First of all, you will be deep in Secrecy after he has gone away, making Leaf Brooch a good way to make the event Secrecy 2. Sure, you still have to pay 1 for the attachment, but we can use it for many other events besides The Houses of Healing. The VD cards are usually 1 costed, so making them Secrecy cards, will help. Even better, when Folco is back, you can attach the last Leaf Brooch on him to make the first event you play Secrecy 3. This can open up some more expensive Lore Events like Gildor's Counsel and Waters of Nimrodel.

But wait! There's more! Good Meal will also be able to lower the cost of the events by 2. For free! Sure, it isn't as repeatable as Leaf Brooch, but that is where the Erebor Hammersmiths come in. They will bring those attachments back from your discard pile to ensure your Hobbits have their belly filled with hot food.

Now, this is getting a bit heavy on the Attachments, so I included Master of the Forge to provide you with additional card draw with your attachments.

Combat in this deck will be handled by the host of Ents in this deck. Try and find Treebeard asap, as he will help paying for the shepards of the trees. You can add Legacy Blade to your deck if your party is running a lot of Side Quests or if you play a heavy sidequest quest.

Defence will be handled by Rossiel who can equip A Burning Ent err I mean Brand to disregard shadow effects. During the late game, with some enemies in your VD, she will be a reliable 4 hero with plenty of healing to back her up. Ent Draught will help her and the Hobbits survive a bit more Direct Damage or Archery before the Healing Squad can take it all away.

Speaking of healing, Ioreth and Warden of Healing can reduce the cost to play The Houses of Healing if needed. However, I usually keep them back to heal the 1 point of damage from Folco Boffin. Wellinghall Preserver is not a Healer, but will keep your Ents running.

The rest of the cards are pretty self-explanatory, as they revolve around getting stuff in the Victory Display. Note that Out of the Wild has been patched by sending it to the VD after you play it. As this makes your Keen as Lances cheaper, this is not a big problem. Although I did like to recur the event more often, especially if I can lower the cost of the event to 0 in secrecy.

The Sideboard is made for those who want their VD decks basic, and don't like the idea of a Zombie Folco. Just add in Mirlonde and more VD cards. The Good Meal and Fast Hitch can still be played on Pippin.

I feel like this deck will require a new version to be optimal for regular games, but as I do not own Folco yet, this is the best I could come up with. Feedback is welcome as always.


May 21, 2018 IstariKnight 17

This deck made me want to sign up for a RingsDB account to leave a comment. It just looks like so much fun to play. Also, as of right now - it is the only deck on the site with these three heroes. Very cool design space to explore.

I really hadn't thought about trying a victory display deck without Rossiel. Do you find that you enjoy this version, or 1.0 better?

May 21, 2018 Durins_Father 1342

Glad you liked the deck, it is one of my personal favourites as well. I feel like both versions of the deck work great, though Bilbo Baggins allows you for a bit more card draw, which is a good thing to have with decks like these to fuel abilities like Protector of Lórien. An all-Hobbit line-up is also great as you can include Barliman Butterbur who can act like a lightning rod for undefended damage.