Ride to Ruin

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knochentrocken 4

This deck is part of a 4-player fellowship to be played against the Battle of the Pelennor Fields outside of campaign-mode.

It is made with a limited card-pool: 3 Cores: Conflict at the Carrock, Return to Mirkwood; Khazad-Dum: Watcher in the Water, Foundations of Stone; Heirs of Numenor: Stewards Fear, Morgule Vale; Lost Realm: Treachery of Rhudaur, Battle of Carn Dûm; Grey Havens: Flight of the Stormcaller, Thing in the Depths; Hobbit 1-2, LotR Saga 1-6

How it's played: Mulligan for Gondorian Shield and give it to Beregond. A Golden Shield (on Théoden or Éowyn) or even a Raiment of War (on Boromir) make alternatives if you cant get the Gondorian Shield. Let Beravor help you find it or just Heed the Dream. A second shield can be played on Denethor or Théoden (who is also Gondor thanks to Esquire of Gondor).

All heroes go questing for a total of 10! Once you get Snowmane on Théoden or Éowyn you should get a Golden Shield on them for another great defender. (Théoden has 4 once Visionary Leadership is in play: He will be able to defend for 8-9 with a Gondorian Shield and Arwen Undómiel)

A central combo of this fellowship is to use a Gondorian Spearman/ Spear of the Citadel to kill the enemies damaged by Thalin. So you should dig for the Spear using Bofur and play it on any Spearman in play. Your first traget for Raiment of War should be Legolas who also gets a Rivendell Bow to be able to attack for 5 across the board. A spare Bow goes on Aragorn to give him ranged. Spear of the Mark and Dagger of Westernesse are there to buff Dúnhere. The next Dagger should be given to Aragorn since it is an artifact and works with Ring of Barahir. Later you might want to give them to Merry or rohan allies. Arod is to be played on Legolas or Dúnhere.

Use Éowyns ability to help kill The Witch-king or a Wraith on Wings.

Denethor and Horn of Gondor will provide some extra resources; Beravor will provide card-draw later in the game.


Feb 04, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 747

Doesn't Visionary Leadership only target Gondor characters, leaving Theoden at three willpower? You are running Mutual Accord in one of the other decks, of course.

Feb 04, 2018 knochentrocken 4

@Wandalf the GizzardTheoden has Esquire of Gondor right at the start of the game to get the Gondor trait. That way he can receive resources from Denethor and get the Willpower Boost.