Aggro in Umbar: Team Quickbeam

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Mr Underhill 1618

The name Quickbeam was given to him because he was hasty for an Ent. His Sindarin name, Bregalad, means "quick (lively) tree", derived from breg- having to do with "violence, suddenness" and galadh, "tree".

This is an aggro deck that uses Quickbeam and a whole bunch of Ents to run all guns blazing into Escape from Umbar. You probably noticed that it starts at 36 threat. I figured that since Escape from Umbar makes you engage a lot of enemies, you might as well capitalise on that by being aggressive and meeting them head on. Also this quest has no Doomed or threat raising effects other than Injured Companion, so I figured it is pointless to run threat reduction. This turned out to be quite fun and makes this deck exciting to play - you'll be engaging a lot of enemies and killing them rather quickly thanks to the combat power of Quickbeam and his entish friends.

My initial idea was to build around Quickbeam since he hasn't seen much play since coming out. The main benefit of him in Escape from Umbar is that he can kill the engaged Umbar Sentry on turn 1. With Théoden across the board he can also quest for 3 before readying up to murder that Sentry. During the game he gets Dúnedain Mark to boost his attack up to 7, Ent Draught to give him another readying opportunity, and Keeping Count so that other heroes can capitalise on his natural thirst for battle.

The other heroes are here to support the general aggro theme as well as the entish flavour of the deck.

There's not much to playing this deck other than drawing cards, throwing down ents and clobbering enemies. It really works best in two player alongside a deck that can pull a bit of early game willpower and defence, like BGamerjoe's Beorn deck. These two decks do a great job of massacring those annoying Harad enemies and are strong when played together. It's also fun because his deck runs Trained for War and Grappling Hook, both of which allow for some cool moments like a Booming Ent going Battle questing for 9 or Gimli diving into the quest with a massive boost from Keeping Count.

For solo, you might want to sub in Gondorian Shield in place of Keeping Count. I have played it solo against Escape from Umbar and The Seventh Level Nightmare - both quests have a lot of enemies and the high starting threat makes for an intense, if somewhat bonkers, gaming experience.

Here's a three player run against Escape from Umbar: