Fellowship of the Ring: Into the Woods

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proudfeat 17

Goals: Lay low until the Ents can be mustered and in the mean time play around with the encounter deck to eliminate the worst cards. Mulligan for Fast Hitch so Merry's ability reduces threat by 4 to 6 a turn rather than 2 to 3. Designed for a 3-person multiplayer "Fellowship of the Ring" theme; the other two decks have Gandalf/Frodo/Sam and Boromir/Legolas/Gimli. Those are still under construction as of this version.

I'm particularly interested in any feedback, I have never made a secrecy deck, ent deck, or encounter manipulation deck before, so I'd love to see where I could improve after putting these concepts all together. I'm just waiting on my friends to build their decks ;)

The Heroes

  • Aragorn: We likely won't be making use of his ability, but he's and has sentinel which makes him a great candidate for A Burning Brand and Protector of L√≥rien. He will also likely receive Resourceful. The ents are great candidates for a discard to increase his defense because Merry can play them from the discard, which leads me to Merry...

  • Merry: Threat reduction and later, questing. His resources will pay for A Test of Will and Treebeard as well as for other Ents thanks to Stand and Fight.

  • Pippin: He has a great passive ability to avoid enemies but we can also use him to draw cards. Engaging enemies may be an issue early on but once an Ent or two is in play in addition to Aragorn it will get better and be a good way to cycle the deck.

The Allies

The Ents do their thing. Not much to say here, they can do it all depending on how everyone else is faring. The more they need to engage, the more cards are drawn. Ithilien Lookout is included just because he's a cheap ally in secrecy and fits with the encounter manipulation/scrying theme.

Encounter Manipulation Sequence

Out of the Wild must be used prior to The Door is Closed! to eliminate nasty treacheries, but None Return can also be used for annoying enemies. Risk Some Light is another way to get an idea for what's coming and after a couple turns of Merry's threat reduction it's fo freeee. The best part about these cards is that the player cards themselves are added to the victory display as well as the enemy card which can make Keen as Lances real cheap, real fast.

I didn't include Leave No Trace because Locations are typically pretty easy to deal with and I wanted to keep the deck size as low as possible.


May 13, 2019 Alonewolf87 492

What do you mean by "Mulligan for Fast Hitch so Merry's ability reduces threat by 4 to 6 a turn rather than 2 to 3". You cannot use Action abilities, like the one of Fast Hitch, during the staging step of the quest phase, so even if more than one enemy is revelead during staging you cannot use Merry's ability twice with Fast Hitch.

May 13, 2019 proudfeat 17

@Alonewolf87Now that is very good to know! I'm thinking I should replace Fast Hitch with The Galadhrim's Greeting, between the Greeting, Merry's ability, and Keen as Lances, will that be enough for keeping my threat below 20?

May 14, 2019 Sabertom 13

To reduce your threat you can add Woodmen's Clearing instead of Woodmen's Path . If you switch Aragorn with one Hobbit of another Deck you can play The Shirefolk . And Aragorn can lower the Threat in the Gandalf Deck. Double Back is also a great card for lowering Threat (for every player). And of course The Galadhrim's Greeting as you mentioned.

A complete other option would be Beregond. He can be your Main Defender and lower your threat. Also by engaging enemies with a higher threat you can use Pippins Ability to draw a card. With Merrys ability to lower your threat you will easily getting and stay in secrecy.