Gaugamelan in Rhovanion

Questlogs using this decklist
Fire in the Night - 2 handed
Mount Gundabad - 2 handed
The Fate of Wilderland - 2 handed
Roam across Rhovanion - 2 handed
The Withered Heath - 2 handed
The Ghost of Framsburg - 2 handed
The River Running - 2 handed - 2019-08-16
Danger in Dorwinion - 2 handed - 2019-08-25
Fellowships using this decklist
One-shotting Ered Mithrin
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None. Self-made deck here.
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sappidus 565

[Half of the fellowship I used to one-shot the Ered Mithrin cycle.]

This is a meat-and-potatoes kind of deck with very straightforward game plan: get some weapons on Legolas, a shield on Beregond, and spit out efficient questing allies with the resources. The blue costs are kept relatively low, but if needed, cross-table Arwen's resource could be thrown to Glorfindel. (I would maybe do this once a game.)

The partner Erestor deck was also the one tasked with providing Glorfindel his toys (as well as several Unexpected Courages and Lembas for the two combat heroes). Don't let anyone tell you Asfaloth is passé: quest hate for the card isn't as strong as it has been in the past, and combined with little plinks from Rhovanion Outrider as well as the partner's occasional Mirkwood Explorer (amusingly, the only Dale and Woodman cards in the fellowship, respectively), the progress from Asfaloth can really just clean up the staging area over time.

resources are not plentiful here, which made for some agonizing decisions at times: play a Defender of Rammas to shore up defending, or keep resources for a Feint or two? This is one reason Rider of Rohan is in here despite no specific side quest synergy: the option to boost total power while still having the flexibility to quest decently seemed worth the 3 resources.

Not a single sideboard change was made to this deck throughout the EM cycle. In retrospect, I would probably swap the 3x and 2x counts on Galadhon Archer and Honour Guard, respectively, as even with the solid healing in the partner deck, Honour Guards showed their quality again and again during my plays. If I hadn't been playing against EM quests, I might bump the Rivendell Blade count up, but with the fair amount of Immune situations that cropped up over the cycle, I thought the Bows were a safer bet, even if Glorfindel cannot wield one.