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Over Hill and Under Hill Dwarves
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Adaepholn 44

Adaepholn has a newer deck inspired by this one: Dain's Spirit

One half of a two handed Dwarf fellowship.

I would love to hear feedback!

I am using cards from the first 2 full cycles, the first 4 saga expansions, OHaUH, HoN, EaAD and TMV. This deck is a work is progress at the moment, but in testing it has performed quite well.

I am strongly considering replacing Nori with Thalin and making this deck Leadership-Spirit-Tactics. Nori doesn't use his ability much in each game, and I could then add Foe-hammer and Dwarrowdelf Axe for Dwalin to help draw. The other deck could then take most of the leadership cards that are currently in this deck. I would then prioritise Narvi's Belt and Steward of Gondor on Dáin Ironfoot. I would probably change OHaUH Gandalf for Core Gandalf as I would not have room for as much threat reduction.

Strategy Notes

Usually Nori quests, while Dáin Ironfoot stays ready to defend and Dwalin attacks.

Unexpected Courage is great on Dáin Ironfoot but could also be good on Dwalin or Thorin Oakenshield for attacking.

Arwen's boost is great for Dáin Ironfoot or Bifur, especially if they have Unexpected Courage or A Burning Brand respectively.

This deck struggles with card draw, so I usually use Gandalf's Staff to draw cards for this deck.

Gandalf is great to keep in play, there is a good amount of threat reduction, Dwalin, Nori and TGG.

I don't end up using Zigil Miner much, but I did have Hidden Cache in the deck for a while but found it never seemed useful, I often seem to run out of cards rather than resources with Steward on Dain.

Will of the West might not be necessary, but it can help to reshuffle if I discard too many attachments with A Very Good Tale.

We Are Not Idle works well with Lure of Moria from the other deck, and A Very Good Tale is also great with Lure of Moria.