Glorfindel goes to the mine (limited collection)

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bden 4

bden has a newer deck inspired by this one: Glorfindel goes to the mine (limited collection)

Deck built from a limited collection:

  • 1 core set
  • first 3 packs of the first cycle
  • Kazad dûm
  • Foundation of stones
  • The black riders

Mecanics :


Key cards to mulligan for:

Possible improvements:


May 22, 2020 Alonewolf87 600

If you play solo you might consider Veteran Axehand from the Core Set instead of the Trollshaw Scout. Same attack power and if you don't need the Ranged keyword its discard ability is kinda hard to justify (rarely you will end up needing if for more than two attacks each round.

May 22, 2020 doomguard 371

i would max the miner up to 3. is the trollshaw really necessary? would consider like alone said, or do u have some cheap eagles i the first 3. of the cycle? perhaps put more miner of the ironhills in.

my suggestion with no proxies: -2 troshaw +1 zigil +1 miner iron hills

May 22, 2020 bden 4


Thanks for your insights.

It is right that on my few tests I have not been swarm by enemies as the menace is generally kept under 30 all along the game. However some enemies can only be shot by Ranged characters. Maybe should I keep only one Trollshaw Scout and put 1 Veteran Axehand . The discard is not really an issue. I can have more than 20 cards in hand at some point.

For the Zigil miner, I am a bit reluctant to blindly mine my deck as I am waiting for the the Imladris Stargazer. If I have this card first tough, it is generally not long before finding the Zigil Miner .

I agree that one more Miner of the Iron Hills would be more confortable for those scenarios with punitive conditions.