Fight and Flight

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On a Wing and a Prayer
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MrObsolete 18


The fight-y compliment to the Rohan quest deck in this Fellowship. Nothing out of the ordinary here, it's an Eagle deck with lots of Eagles and ways to make use of them. The side of things adds card draw, ally acceleration and all-important healing.


Boromir and Brand son of Bain are your targets for Support of the Eagles, for defense and attack, respectively. Both of their abilities also continue to the theme of readying present across both decks. Beravor provides extra questing/attack/defense as needed, or card draw if not.


All the Eagles are here (at least the ones available to us in our current card pool), with a smattering of buddies to help fill in the gaps. Legolas is another ranged fighter to protect the Rohan deck.


Elf-stone is one of the key attachments, allowing for the beefy allies to be "cheated" into play. Radagast in particular is a prime target, as well as Daughter of the Nimrodel and Landroval. You could also time it to let the Rohan deck bring in Faramir. Song of Wisdom can be played across the table so Prince Imrahil or Théoden can utilize A Burning Brand.


All the classics are here. You've got combat tricks, Eagle acceleration, and some staging area threat manipulation. Does what it says on the box.

Wombo Combos

Radagast + Elf-stone

Instead of waiting 5 turns to get ROI on the Brown Wizard, why not do it in 1?

Boromir + Support of the Eagles + Self Preservation

Once you get your Eagles of the Misty Mountains pumped up, Boromir basically becomes invincible, in addition to being able to eat up archery damage.

Brand son of Bain + Support of the Eagles + Théoden (w/Herugrim)

Sure, it might take a while to get this combo up to full power, but damn is it satisfying when you do. Destroys just about anything on the board, with Théoden coming back for more.


Bifur is an excellent sub for Beravor, especially if you're interested in splashing in more cards. Swap in Elrond or Miner of the Iron Hills for quests that hit you with lots of conditions. Dagger of Westernesse can be played across the table to beef up Prince Imrahil. Gildor's Counsel is just an all-round useful card in multiplayer, and Meneldor's Flight sets up another Wombo Combo with Descendant of Thorondor.