Voltron of Rivendell

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Journey to the Cross-roads - 2 Players - 2021-05-14
The Hunt for the Dreadnaught - 4 Players - 2021-06-06
The Hunt for the Dreadnaught - 2 Players - 2021-06-08
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We Shall Dread Naught
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velcrohead85 109

Every Noldor deck I've put together is a derivation of BGamerJoe's original. This is a deck that comes straight out of the gate with extra cards from Círdan the Shipwright and Erestor, an extra resource from Arwen Undómiel, and myriad allies that you can get into play cheaply with To the Sea, to the Sea!.

In your opening hand, the thing to mulligan for is To the Sea, to the Sea!.

One of my favourite allies is Guardian of Rivendell and this deck is aimed at getting one of two copies of him out with an array of attachments. Wild Stallion is a card that I've never used before, but it's one of the key elements of turning him into a powerhouse. With Narya able to ready the Guardian, he can either quest for 2, then defend for 5 or attack for 4 with just the Stallion, or defend and then attack depending on when you ready him. You can add a Cloak of Lórien to further augment him, and I like Rivendell Bow in multiplayer. I'd swap it for Rivendell Blade in solo. Elven Mail is another great card for multiplayer.

The alternative to this set-up is Raiment of War, a monstrous attachment that makes him equally dangerous. These attachments are cheated into play using Reforged.

Elven Jeweler is usually a free ally, especially great in the early game. You're almost always going to get the bonus from Eregion Survivor unless you're holding on to A Test of Will. Elladan and Elrohir are great allies. Depending on which quest you're playing, you can either use Narya to ready them or their responses.

Why no Steward of Gondor? BECAUSE!!! You can live without it!

I've included some extra ways of dealing with locations with Thrór's Key and Explorer's Almanac. Given how fast you cycle cards in this deck, you can get multiple uses out of them. The same applies for A Test of Will. Even though you can't hold on to them unless Silver Harp is out, I've managed to play A Test of Will five times in a recent quest because you're using Will of the West to recycle everything, and by the time you've got a decent number of allies and attachments out, your deck is pretty small. I like having some way of contributing to dealing with locations with larger player counts - just spamming out allies and questing like a monster isn't always enough.

If some villain that you're playing with decides to run Glorfindel, then swap out the ally and Light of Valinor (which would otherwise go on Círdan the Shipwright) for Lindir and Unexpected Courage.

Please let me know if you've got any thoughts about the ally/attachment mix. I've tried running with Mithlond Sea-watcher and Warden of the Havens rather than the twins, and also Watcher of the Bruinen and Trollshaw Scout. It always seems to take too much effort to either get them into play or get them up to strength.


Apr 18, 2021 doomguard 747

had a similar deck with (MotK) Bilbo Baggins istead of Arwen Undómiel

yes its less ressourses from arwen, but you get some through pipes and Smoke and Think

i tend to bolster Elrohir istead of the guardian. with narya, stallion, arwen and cloack he comes to a defense of 7 and he defended the big armys in annuminas. with lower startthread i could include The One Ring with Inner Strength on erestor, that helps until elrohir stands

if you are interested: ringsdb.com

Apr 18, 2021 velcrohead85 109

I haven't explored The One Ring or the Master cards, although I'm thinking about it for a Children of Elrond Three Hunters deck. I like the Elrohir ally as well - the choice between him and Guardian of Rivendell probably comes down to which one hits the table first, and maybe whether or not Narya is out and about yet. Ally Arwen Undómiel would be good, but I find the way the hero version helps with questing and resourcing straight out of the gate too strong to overlook, especially when I'm not abusing Steward of Gondor.

Other than Hobbit Pipe, do you include any of the other pipes?

Apr 18, 2021 velcrohead85 109

Never mind - just checked your decklist.