Eagles solve all!

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Elefante 2

Take your eagles and defeat Sauron Eagles Solve All!!

Thematic deck, only eagles and Istari.


You can replace The One Ring and Inner Strength for A Burning Brand and/or one Heed the Dream

Mulligan for Radagast's Staff if not, Daeron's Runes, Heed the Dream, and Word of Command could you help you to find your staff.

Start with Radagast + Strider to have a decent initial willpower rating to start with.


The condition of turning an istari with Word of Command is no problem with the contract. Use it to get the Radagast's Staff as soon as possible.

The Radagast's Staff allows you to take down eagles up to cost 5 (with the help of the contract) in one turn. When you already have enough eagles (no more than 4 to not affect strider), you can use Radagast's Staff to refresh powerful eagles.


Use Radagast to defend and eagles to attack. Inner strengt allows you to 4 and remove shadow effects on Radagast, with The Grey Wanderer you can defend twice.

The low initial threat level will help to use Timely Aid when you need it and make the initial setup without problems.

Although you can not use all the power of Sneak Attack or Gwaihir's Debt to be forced to play it in the main phase. If used with Meneldor, Gandalf, Descendant of Thorondor or Gwaihir, they will help clear the way for the quest phase.

If you have to discard with Daeron's Runes, favor eagles that you can revive with Gwaihir afterwards.

Sneak Attack, Gwaihir, Meneldor and/or Descendant of Thorondor will help clear the guarded of Necklace of Girion or Stone of Elostirion.


If you win: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yqVD0swvWU

If you lost: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZrJPiq9QGM&ab_channel=BrotherhoodWorkshop