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Durins_Father 2398


  • Resource generation
  • Ranged/Sentinel attacks for 10 or more!
  • Shows off some cool cards you might not see otherwise


Ok, ok, that title may need some explanation, so hear me out.

This deck came to mind to me in the shower, as so many great deck ideas do. The idea was to get Na'asiyah the relatively new Tireless Thoroughbred and a crap ton of resources, and then just wreak havoc upon the enemies in a multiplayer game, as she now has Ranged and Sentinel. The contract pairs nicely with her ability to not be able to pay for allies with her resources, so I decided to run a Forth, The Three Hunters! deck for her.

Ok, so how do we get a ton of resources on Na'asiyah? Well, you run two heroes alongside her, and see how that goes! Denethor is an obvious pick here, because as soon as you get Na'asiyah as the brand new Steward of Gondor, Denethor can move his resource to Na'asiyah each round. That gets Na'asiyah 4 resources per round already! Since Denethor is a relatively popular hero, you might have to convince your fellow players to let you play with him and Steward of Gondor, but other than that, there aren't a ton of uniqueness conflicts with the attachments that can't be swapped for something else.

Speaking of Halbarad, I do not play him enough. He is a great splash-hero for this deck, though you can swap him for heroes like Théodred for more resources. Halbarad brings solid stats to the table, alongside some action advantage if you have an enemy engaged with you (hopefully trapped in Outmatched, but once Na'asiyah gets going, there isn't much that can stop her). Halbarad also allows you to engage an additional enemy optionally, which helps a lot in a multiplayer game where you have to figure out who engages what. You can easily engage two enemies at once, as that allows for some sweet combos.

The first of these is that Captain of Gondor actually triggers twice on Na'asiyah, meaning she gets +2/+2 (or a permanent extra resource for her ability). You can also easily get rid of both enemies with a single attack from Na'asiyah if you give her Firefoot. That tramples the damage to the other enemy, meaning that you can use your action advantage later on with some Ranged attacks across the board if need be.

Na'asiyah is good, but her traits let her down a little. The Warrior trait gives her access to some solid attachments right away, including the Tireless Thoroughbred. But in order to benefit from all of the attachments in this deck, she will need Steward of Gondor for the Gondor trait, and Diligent Noble for the Noble trait, as that gives you access to Shining Shield, Valiant Sword, and Heir of Mardil. This last one is the most important, as that is some free readying mid-round with either Denethor or Steward's resources. Halbarad can also benefit from the Noble trait, for extra access to Restricted attachments. And don't forget that the trait-granting cards draw you another card as well!

Some cards in this deck may appear strange to include, so let me explain a few of them.

  • Horn of Gondor can allow Na'asiyah to get some extra resources when playing with other players who are bringing allies. It is also a cheap Restricted attachment
  • Keeping Count is a card I wanted to make work in this deck. Put your first copy on Na'asiyah, and once you get the second copy, you should be getting a nice +2 or more on that hero. I tend to put the second copy on Halbarad, for his combo with this next attachment.
  • Roheryn is probably the attachment for Aragorn that is used the least. Halbarad can use it in combination with some swords in this deck to kill an enemy before it gets the chance to attack.
  • Magic Ring on Na'asiyah allows her to get extra readying, resources, or healing! That's all this deck really needs! I tend to take the early healing, and readying in the late game. Be careful with the threat though!
  • The Day's Rising can only be played once you've found Tireless Thoroughbred, but can serve as a way to get extra resources for Na'asiyah. Combine it with Heir of Mardil for a nice combo to defend some more!
  • Outmatched is useful to keep enemies in play, and to allow you to defend multiple attack and still have characters ready to defend with. A version of this deck also ran Valour of the North, but that was cut, because it really wasn't worth it.
  • Parting Gifts is a nice way to spread some resources around from either Denethor or Halbarad. This can go to Na'asiyah, or you can be a team player and send some over to fellow players.
  • Sword of Númenor fits right into this deck. All heroes can equip this Restricted attachment (after Steward of Gondor) and the sword can get you some extra resources in case there are some big enemies.
  • Wait no Longer is mostly here to compensate for your low willpower. Get an enemy engaged with you in order to reveal 1 fewer encounter card. Is a pretty fair deal, especially when you put that enemy in an Outmatched. Note that you cannot trigger Roheryn with this though!

And that's about it for this deck. I will remind you that this deck will likely see some more updates as I continue with decktesting, but the deck has already done well to kill 3 of the 4 Trolls during Conflict at the Carrock in a 3-player game, and has held its own against Passage through Mirkwood solo (though only barely). Focus on flipping your contract quickly, so that you get some extra willpower on your heroes and access to healing. Put all your money on Na'asiyah, and hopefully you can quickly kill all enemies on the table!


Nov 16, 2021 doomguard 1105

Proud Hunters would be a nice addition.

only 2 Tireless Thoroughbred? if its central i would take 3

at least 1 War Axe gies her up to +3(4 with belt)

Nov 16, 2021 Thanee 114

Captain of Gondor has to be exhausted, so unfortunately it triggers only once.

Nov 16, 2021 Demian Delacorix 2

Hello everyone ... I would like to ask a question, but does Denethor get 2 resources each turn?

Nov 16, 2021 ahez20 33

@Demian Delacorix Denethor only gets an extra 2 resources at the beginning of the game during setup.

Nov 16, 2021 Demian Delacorix 2

Thank you very much ahez20

Nov 17, 2021 Durins_Father 2398

@doomguard Thanks for the suggestion for Proud Hunters. Not sure if I need more resources, but it is a card that I have overlooked until now. I only included 2 Tireless Thoroughbreds because the other heroes can't equip them. I'd rather have a different Restricted attachment in the deck in that case. War Axe would be a nice replacement for Warrior Sword, allowing her to use the boost with Ranged.

@Thanee goes to show that you really do have to read cards before you play them, huh. Oh well, I don't think that it would impact the killing capacity of Na'asiyah, but thanks for letting me know.