The Glory of Men - Faramir's Trap

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The Glory of Men - Two Player Thematic
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This is a Lore Faramir trap deck which is part of both a two-player and three-player fellowship I am working on. It can be used for solo play if you add 3x A Good Harvest and 3x Great Yew Bow. The purpose of this deck and the two fellowships is to keep enemies in the staging area.


Damrod and Celador are your questers. Faramir can also quest once he gets Wingfoot (always name enemy). Emyn Arnen Ranger and Mablung help later on.


You should try to never engage enemies so defense is rarely necessary. If it is, use Coney in a Trap for early game or Faramir in a pinch. Once you buy Deeping Defender, he can handle most low-engagement cost enemies. Chump blocking with Guardian of Ithilien also works. Faramir handles attack and should get very high once there are multiple Ranger Spikes in play.


Mithrandir's Advice recycled with Scroll of Isildur provides excellent card draw (The VERY overused runes have been excluded intentionally). Damrod's ability also helps with both resource acceleration and card draw. Master of Lore, Seasoned Forager, and Sword-thain all provide resource acceleration.


Threat reduction is handled by Celador, Morwen Steelsheen, and Gandalf (Other decks in this fellowship will also help). Ioreth and Warden of Healing will provide healing around the table. Add more copies for archery quests.


Advance Warning combined with Arrows from the Trees and the tactics deck is absolutely lethal. The Great Hunt is also extremely good.

Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading