The Nine are Abroad - Arwen & Aragorn - At the End of All Th

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dadeq90 5

This deck has beaten The Nine are Abroad several times. Mulligan for Imladris Stargazer and/or Zigil Miner, which will be your resource engine. I recommend to not start discarding with Zigil Miner before you can set the top of your deck in order with the Stargazer. If you don't have them on the board I recommend picking them with the At the End of All Things action on round 4, otherwise Treebeard is the card to choose; Unexpected Courage goes on Aragorn, maybe the third on Arwen.

The Honour Guards are also very important. Use Stand and Fight to put into play Wellinghall Preserver and Faramir. Elven Jeweler is a good way to discard Elven-light, to increase your drawing rate.

Use The White Council to play many times Elrond's Counsel, or to pick from your discard pile Will of the West.

Will of the West has to be used when you have no deck anymore, and hopefully the most of your allies are on the board.

When you face the Witch-King, sacrifice one ally to defend each round, but in three round you should beat him.

Have fun and let me know what you think of my deck! :)


Mar 16, 2023 doomguard 1726

i have a similar deck, if you are interested (without zigil, with Thorongil):

if i would go your way i would make minor adjustments:

another option for consideration would be, replace Defender of Rammas with Erebor Guard they can also wear the Raiment of War

do u think The White Council is better then Dwarven Tomb?

Mar 17, 2023 dadeq90 5

Hi `@doomguard thanks for your reply! I am limited with the pool of cards I own. I have the italian edition of the game, that is until Grey Havens Deluxe (no AP), and some of the ALeP material. This deck is prepared for an Epic session we're going to play in Milan on March 25th; we're going to play The Nine are Abroad in about 55 people, 2 separate Epic session with 8/9 game each (so exited for it!). All of your advices are smart and correct. Usually I can defend without problems with Defender of Rammas and Honour Guard, at least in solo. We're going to try a three players game before the Epic. Raiment of War would be great, Round Shield or something like that, but I don't have them. I choose to not use Tale of Tinúviel because I feel that the boost of the contract would be lost, but certenly I can give it a try. To the Sea, to the Sea! and Ring of Barahir are good calls, I think about it. The White Council instead of Dwarven Tomb was to be more flexible, with me and my mates. But the Tomb in solo could be better, I agree. I have to see if my friends need to draw or use another Council's ability.

Mar 17, 2023 doomguard 1726

the combination of contract an tinuviel, is, what really shines. imagine:both are exhausted (very commen after questing). then you have a troll attacking you:

  • aragorn spend a hp and readies her,
  • she uses Tale of Tinúviel and he defend with ! (2+1 contract +3 from her willower)
  • then she uses a hp to ready him again and he can either defend again (with 6) or attack with 4+3 +1 armorreduction (if naked usually more)

and all cost 1 card 1 res and 2 hp would say it is good and only doable with contact and Tale of Tinúviel