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The idea of this fellowship is that both teams to keep their threat low, and the Hobbit/Glorf team quests and keeps enemies engagement cost high, while Dúnhere murders the staging area. I beat the first two ALeP quests and was so close to beating Carn Dum, if a shadow didn't make Thaurdir flip and heal, I would have killed him. I will further break down both decks:

1: Hobbit/Glorf

Pippin: Pip is just doing what he does best: Keep those enemies up there. Attach Resourceful to him.

Glorf: Glorfindel is just being Glorfindel again: Low starting threat, high willpower, Light of Valinor, Asfaloth. If you have already attached Resourceful to a Hobbit, he can get copy #2.

Robin Smallburrow: He is your MotK target. Really helps keeping engagement costs high.

Courage: Attach to Dúnhere.

Arwen Undómiel: Really powerful ally. Normally, I give the to Deeping Defender.

The Galadhrim's Greeting: You can use this on Dúnhere, really powerful for the type of fellowship this is.

Elrond's Counsel: Really helps, every time I've played this fellowship I get all three copies out by the end of the game.

Daeron's Runes: Helps get other cards out. OP card. I'm just telling people what they already know right?

Out of the Wild: I was able to get a Daechannar's Will into the victory display while playing Carn Dum. Helps a lot.

Needful to Know: Helps with planning if there quite a few enemies in play. I do reduce my threat by at least two every time I use it. Works well with Gildor's Counsel.

Gildor Inglorion: I mostly just quest with him, but he is a decent defender.

Warden of Healing: All of the healing for both decks, minus The Grey Wanderer contract.

Deeping Defender: Arwen Undómiel's target. Can defend for both decks reasonably with Arwen Undómiel's . Can also return enemies to the staging area with damage, to help Dúnhere.

2: Dúnhero

This is a deck I've been wanting to make for a long time. I've always liked Dúnhere's effect, but could never reliably use it. The Grey Wanderer fixes that.

Dúnhere: He just uses his effect. He can quest too with Strider.

The Grey Wanderer: I used to think, "ONLY SEARCH FOR STRIDER! Don't search for anything else, it's reeeeeally stupid if you do." In this deck, I only search for Strider if I have 2x Dagger of Westernesse in my starting hand. Otherwise, search for Dagger of Westernesse.

Dúnedain Mark: Helps with Dúnhere's attack.

Timely Aid: Helps immensely. If you have to face the choice Anborn v. any other ally, choose Anborn.

Anborn: Helps with the engagement cost. Also some DD to help out Dúnhere.

Out of Sight: Helps in the rare occasion of engaging enemies swarm.

A Light in the Dark: Functions as Feint, basically and the enemy can still be attacked by Dúnhere.

Song of Kings: It helps to get Anborn out if Timely Aid doesn't work.

Hope you find this useful, open to suggestions, just keep in mind my Card Pool.


Apr 23, 2021 Uruk-guy 224

I like the idea a lot and I think it's impressive it almost beat Carn Dum. The only thing that I would think to be problematic would be defending. Do you have any sentinel option? I can't remember who's in what pack atm. I'm just thinking of the quests that have enemies with the "engages the first player" effect.

Apr 23, 2021 Truck 663

@Uruk-guy, The sentinel option is any ally (mostly Deeping Defender) combined with Arwen Undómiel's effect. Defending may be a problem for quests that make you start off with an enemy engaged, but Dúnhere's deck has some cheap chump blockers (Squire of the Mark is in the deck for that purpose), and the hobbit deck has a pretty beefy 5 Glorfy who can soak an undefended until you get allies out.

Also I don't have Carn Dum if you were wondering, I am part of a family who has the whole game between us, so I play quests I don't have quite a bit. (Especially hard quests, to test my decks, thats why I tried Carn Dum)