gondor calls for aid! ....and rohan will Answer!

doomguard 1229


this is a thematic fellowship, inspired by chads red arrow community deck: https://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/28511/theredarrowcommunitydeck-1.0

there are 3 decks, Rohan, Gondor and the messenger, hirgon with the red Arrow

the Decks support each other:



  • default attachement is the The Red Arrow (for thematic reasons)
  • try to use his ability as often as possible
  • play many Resourceful as possible as long he is in secrecy
  • Gandalf is here, is there, is everywhere, if needed
  • get him a weapon and use foehammer
  • use Behind Strong Walls on beregond and equip him with a shield
  • when the time is right, use Pillars of the Kings to use the valorreaction of the The Red Arrow
  • use Timely Aid (first card per round) whenever possible


notes for changes: consider Astonishing Speed and The Muster of Rohan for the rohandeck, i think a wise sacrifice of Éomund is enough, but if you need more peack-boost these 2 cards help. starting with Éowyn would be more effective, but its more thematic if she changes to her fightingpower in the middle of the game. if you start with her as tactic, replace Elven-light and make Merry to his spiritversion Merry to keep the deck in balance.

if using 1 set of cards, replace 3 Foe-hammer with Hold Your Ground! and 1 Veteran of Osgiliath with a different ld-ally.

consider using some Mutual Accord